January Round Up!

I gave up jumping on the January bandwagon of do over’s a long time ago when I realised all I want to do in winter in hibernate, I tend to set myself a goal list instead, this years is pretty long. Now that I’m self employed and the previous four months are generally my busiest time of year, I like to use the first few weeks of the year to wind down and and chill out, hence why blogging has been on the light side last month. Around half way through I start to prepare for February which traditionally is the quietest month for sales but I put that extra time to good use with clearing out, stock taking, tidying up paperwork, preparing for the end of the tax year and working on new designs.
So far this January I’ve managed to leave all my tasks to the very last minute, though this weekend we had a massive declutter and gathered up all the old and broken electricals just sitting around and gathering dust, and took them off to the local recycling centre this weekend. We also went through all our clothes draws and wardrobes and had a ruthless clear out and took those down to the recycling banks. Next I have to tackle boxes of stuff hidden on high shelves, shelf clutter and scan folders of documents to the computer and maybe have a DVD and CD clear out!
Make wise I started quite a few items and managed to finish one item, technically I started this last year but I’ll take any victory I can get in regards to my goals! Behold The Sky Is Falling Dress. I will get round to taking proper pictures and post soon but first still have to work off the Christmas excess!

The Agatha cardigan I was knitting for the Selfish Knitalong has gone on hold, as I was just not getting along with it, also I have a weird tension problem to sort out as well.

So with only two weeks left I switched to the Myrna, slightly moderating it to leave out the keyhole and use up some new wool I bought specifically for my wardrobe project. I love this yellow and this cardigan is knitting up real quick, my tension is lovely and so I should get in finished by the KAL deadline.

I also started four dresses not on purpose and totally breaking my one project in one project out rule. The first ones I started making were using up The Alexander Henry skull material using a free pattern I got with a magazine. My sewing rule is fussy fabric, simple patterns and vice versa. In retrospect I should have cut the dark fabric with the white skulls facing the other way, not that it really matters but more from an anaesthetist point of view, though to be honest I’m not totally in love with this fabric and also whoever cut didn’t line the edges up properly and I ended up being stiffed out about four inches of usable fabric, which made lining up the material a real challenge! Suffice to say I won’t be ordering from that shop again!

One pattern I did love making was the Belladone by Deer and Doe. I will be going into more detailed posts on these dresses later but I just wanted to show these here. The first is the Snowcapped Romance Dress and the second is the Day-O, and in case you’re wondering how I come up with the names of all my clothes, I use song titles because of my love of music!

I cut the SR dress first using some fabric I bought on Canada trip and I just loved sewing this pattern together, it was not only very easy but the pattern cut was almost perfect for me, in that I have put on a little too much weight over the winter period but I need to whip into shape for my holiday so I can managed to walk up all those San Fran hills without dying so it should be less snug in a few weeks. So on Thursday I decided to sew the SR dress, which I cut out a week or so earlier and it went like a dream to the point where I managed to sew in an invisible zip first time round. Zips are my nemesis, I hate sewing them in! Anyway on Friday before I’d even finished the SR Dress I cut out the Day-Oh dress using some Ikea fabric, originally intended for a skirt but now went to this project.
I haven’t quite finished them as on Sunday whilst slightly tired from a night out I messed up the bias tape round the neckline and armholes and will have to re do! One day I will learn not to make things whilst tired, one day! But can we take a minute to marvel how meticulous lining up of pattern pieces really makes an item look amazing. I surprised myself with how well I managed to line the pockets and the back up on this dress.

So I haven’t quite managed to meet my one item a month target but that just means February will have loads of items to show you. I have a lot to get through as I want to make some holiday outfits but even if I do make more than one outfit a month I want to make an item every month just to keep up the good habit.

Anyway, how did your January go? Did you make your goals?