Friday Favourites: Chorizo and Puy Lentil Stew

Slow cookers are great, mainly because despite cooking on a high heat, you can still forget about for several hours and it hasn’t disintegrated your dinner into a pile of ash! Also as there is only two if us, it generally means there are leftovers for the next day and we all know the magic of leaving a stew over night makes it taste way better the next day! Working from home means I get to use my slow cooker more which means I can prepare dinner at lunchtime and we don;t have to worry about what to cook when The Goth gets home. It’s also a great way to use up tired looking vegetables or leftover meats from the weekend. I try not to waste food as a rule anyway but this year I’m determined to keep all my waste to a minimum level and re-establish some good thrifty habits.

My favourite slow cooker stew is Chorizo and Bean, I usually use black eyed beans but as I want to use up some staples in my cupboards before they go out of date I changed this to a puy lentil stew. I also sometimes use a can of baked beans. Last week I discovered that Red lentils are one of my trigger foods and now have to avoid them but I prefer puy lentils for taste and texture anyway, so I’m not sure what my point is.

When cooking I don’t tend to measure out of weigh my ingredients, so you will find most of my recipes are more of a guideline than an actual recipe! Besides with a stew, specified amounts aren’t really required and it’s all down to matter of taste and preference. As always this recipe is made using gluten free ingredients.


Two cloves of Garlic sliced
Lentils/beans of choice (precooked)
Tablespoon of mixed herbs
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 pint stock using a gluten free veg stock cube
You can also add onions but they are a trigger food for me.
Two table spoons of tomato paste or a small jar of tomato sauce
Chorizo, I use a quite spicy chorizo so no extra spice needed unless you like it very spicy! To make a vegan version, substitute the chorizo with a tablespoon of chipotle paste.


Basically you can use what you like but I always use at least one root vegetable like a turnip or parsnip but here’s what I generally use.

One small turnip or parsnips
Two medium carrots
Orange or yellow pepper

ย Add everything to the pot and cook on high for about six hours, stir occasionally to mix up the flavours.

Serve with corn bread or as we did on National Cheese day, grilled cheese toasties!!