Vinyl Haul!

So I’ve kind of avoided going on my usual hunting missions for books and records for a few months but the other day I just got the urge to go out and have a little look and it didn’t disappoint. By the way I won;t always be doing haul posts like this, it’s just been a while since I did any record or book shopping.

Anyway my first was the best stop and I picked 7 albums for a quid each! Yeah that’s right one pound each. I ended up putting back a couple back due to a) condition, b) not being overly fussed at them being in my collection and c) carrying them round for the rest of my mission. So here’s what I ended up with.

The rest of the shops were mainly filled with Classical albums and Demis Roussos cast offs but I did managed to get hold of a couple more gems to add to my collection.

and then I struck gold with this!

My mum had this soundtrack and I was always borrowing it when I lived at home because I love it! I subsequently bought it on CD after I left home so I could have a copy but this is possible one of my favourite film scores of all time. Giorgio Moroder really did good here!

You can now also follow my vinyl adventures on Instagram, I regularly do a throwback Thursday on the turntable post, new purchases, currently listening to etc if you want to play along. I also post a lot of cat pictures, so you’ve been warned!

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