Favourite Albums of 2015

Sorry this is a little late but I actually decided to do some chilling out over the Christmas break and  didn’t do any photo taking or blogging, so I have a little catching up to do. I’ve not bought a whole lot of new albums this year, I was hoping the new De La Soul album would have arrived by now which  backed on Kickstarter but that’s been put back till later this year. I did stock up on a lot of old albums and new to me albums but in regards to new releases it’s been a bit of a light year but here’s my round up of my top three, starting with three!

Sol Evictus – Faith No More

So in third place is Sol Evictus. I only bought this album after I heard most of it live at their gig in June. It’s a good solid album and true to FNM form. Standout tracks include Sunny side Up, Superhero and From The Dead. Was it worth 18 years for? Yes to put it bluntly!

Blossom – Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

I ordered this and then got an email saying that they couldn’t fulfil my order as they hadn’t ordered enough limited edition copies. It cam in  clear and pink and black and green. Nevermind I though I’ll pick up a normal copy when I hit a record shop. Thankfully Sister rays in Berwick street had a copy so I got my pink and clear pressing. Not that it really makes a difference but you know I’m a sucker for pretty vinyl. Now to the actual album, this Frank Carter returning to what he does best spitting out lyrics with such intensity its like getting smacked in the face but then he also reminds you that he can sing just as well as he can scream. The album is good, actually it’s better than good, reminds a little of Grey Britain, another excellent album. Standout tracks for me on this were hard to narrow down but Devil Inside Me, Paradise and Primary Explosive are high up on the list and let’s not forget I Hate You, the perfect song for when that one cunt in your life you thought had gone, rears their ugly head again.
The Pale Emporer – Marilyn Manson
I know that this has been named as rock album of the year by some already but I’d pretty much fallen in love with the album on first listen in January and not just because it came on white vinyl. I’ve always like MM’s music but never to the point of gushing like I do with this album. Although it is still clearly MM’s work, it’s also clearly his best work to date and a giant leap up from he usually produces. It’s one of those albums I just haven’t stopped listening too, it’s a little addictive. The standout tack on this for me is Third Day of Seven Day Binge, probably because of the killer bass line and MM’s breathless delivery of lyrics. Killing Strangers makes an appearance in John Wick  and Cupid Carries a Gun is catchy and hip bump inducing. Although The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles is rated as the stand out track by most, for me it’s probably my least favourite track on the album but it’s still not a bad track. There are also three alternate versions of songs at the end which are also noteworthy. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to hear more of the album when we saw him live a few weeks ago but I guess when you have quite an extensive back catalogue to get through, it’s probably wise to leave it to the popular songs and cater to the masses.
So that is my top three albums of the year. There are probably lots more that I could have included like Eagles of Death Metals new album Zipper Down, Action Bronson’s Mr Wonderful and Slaves Routine Breathing, all outstanding albums in my opinion.
Albums I still needs to check out are Le Butcherettes, Graveyard, Peaches, Dave Gahan and Soulsavers (which went completely under my radar), Sleater-Kinney and more.