Friday Favourites: Lemon and Garlic Spaghetti with Prawns

Friday favourites will now be very food orientated (because to be honest food is one of my favourite things) as I share my favourite dishes that I’ve adapted to be gluten and dairy free. So this recipe is a very summery dish but I love it so much that I eat it all year round. This is a very easy adaptable recipe, I just swapped the spaghetti for a GF range and the parmagiano to a vegan version by Violife which tastes just as good, You can find the original recipe here.
ย The thing I like best about this recipe is making the lemon infused oil, it makes the flat smell like lemon cake! This is actually the longest part of the recipe, the rest is dead quick! This recipe is fresh and healthy pick me up, especially after all the gluttony of the holiday season and I’m a real glutton! Especially in the winter, a proper carb fiend! So if you’re craving carbs this is a little more guilt free option. To make it Vegan just take out the prawns!
Other new goals include taking better photos of my food but to be honest, I have to be quick or I’ll eat before I remember!