Getting Organised!

So 2016 is the year of being obsessively organised, okay maybe obsessively is the wrong term but any excuse to buy stationery right? And as a self confessed stationery addict (I even once worked in a stationery shop for two years) I’ll find an excuse to buy stationery but seriously, I do want to be better organised this year as I have so much I want to do.
So first up I bought Veronica Dearly’s The Terrific Project desk planner set which came with a free pencil.

I bought The Terrific Project weekly planner and calender last year. I like the calender as it came with daily prompts. I think I’m going to recycle the calender and use the same prompts for this year as on days I wasn’t sure what to do these helped. even small things like clear out your email or file your receipts. This many planners may be a borderline obsessive but I won’t be using them all at the same time but they do come in hand before events or busy selling period or for projects. I’ll be recycling the calender as a get healthy regime and to cross everyday I do exercise.
I’m also obsessed with diaries, I’m not good at keeping diaries but I just love diaries, Filofaxes, planners anything like that. During the black Friday I took advantage of a discount and got myself A Beautiful Mess planner it is white with a gold emboss of #plan, naturally this meant my need to having everything matching and coordinated kicked in. Also it got a little squished in transit but what’s a crumpled corner if it’s still usable? I’m also loving this planner, it has a to do list, a monthly planner and a weekly lay out for each month.

 So then I bought this striped notebook from Paperchase to keep notes and ideas in and then realised it matched my planner, so naturally a theme was born. GOLD! I also found this in Paperchase despite having been in several paperchases previously and not having this pen. It also come in a crown or skull version but I picked the rabbit as The Goth said it had an Alice in Wonderland feel and I was sold.
 I found also these pens by Seltzers Goods which I’m possibly going to get a few of anyway because seriously I think I should have a cat lady pen!

This file dividers from TK Maxx to file my receipts and invoices in.

Notebooks just because notebooks and I always have a stack of fresh notebooks waiting to be used and one was gold so fitted into the theme (see told you I had a problem!). These A5 notebooks were also from TK Maxx. The problem with TK Maxx though is sometimes it’s hard not find stuff that hasn’t been damaged from being flung about the place. Somehow I managed to find stuff in there just after their stock had been replenished so they were all still in their packets!!!

Also got this A4 notebook from Paperchase.

So that my plan for 2016, to be organised and plan, plan my business, plan my projects, create a better work life balance and now most of the theory learning is done, I can get down to the practical side of things and design and make stuff (because let’s face most of the learning of running a business is done through the practice).
So I look forward to jamming my planner full of tasks and things to do and  also look forward to sharing my achievements on here.