Fabric Haul Part 1

So I’m always talking about how I need to use up my stash and then I go and add to it by buying more material. After my very brutal clear out during the summer where I donated or recycled at least half of my unfinished projects and material that was probably donated me to through various sources. I got my fabric stash down to two shelves worth. I still have two boxes of remnants and some saris which will be used somehow.

So this is what the shelf currently looks like, however there are some more pieces being added to to the collection as I took advantage of the boxing day sales and I’d rather buy it discounted than at full price. I was waiting to see if a specific fabric I wanted was going to go in the sales but it hasn’t yet so  relaced it with a similar pattern but in a complete different colourway. (I’ll explain that one later in part two when they all arrive).
So what I have purchased recently over the last few months? Most of these fabrics are for specific projects. A lot of the material in my stash is of various lengths and no more that two metres so limited to specific dress designs etc. I’m heading to Viva Las Vegas 19 in April and really want some new outfits to take with me, finding vintage in my size is a little hard so I tend to just repro my own outfits and some of the vintage patterns I have require quite a bit of material. Most of these were bought from my local haberdashers in Balham called Wimsew, it’s a massive craft store with a huge fabric selection, assorted craft supplies, wool, machines and upstairs they have a wedding department.

These are Tula Pink designs. I quite like TP patterns, I already used the 16th Century Selfie to make the She’s A Carnival Dress. As it’s quite pricey I limited my self to only two metres. The Bumble Forest Stripe in Coral will probably be used for a shirt dress. I love shirt dresses but currently have no handmade ones in my wardrobe. Not sure what the Foxtrot in dusk is going to be yet but definitely a dress.

I bought these cottons because they have quite a retro feel to them. The white floral is going to be a dress for Viva, the blue floral reminds me of the seventies, so I’ll try and use a either 60s or 70s patterns for that.

I’m having a real love affair with geometric and bold prints at the moment.

My other major thing at the moment is monochrome. I saw couturecraft on Instagram wearing a skirt and commented how I need to make a striped skirt and she reminded that Ikea sell fabric similar to the one she was wearing. So I headed down and on the first visit they were out of stock but the second visit they had it in, even if I did have to wait ages for someone to come and weigh it! But you know meatballs and chips for lunch kinda makes up for it!

This next fabric I got in the black Friday sale with a discount from Cloth and Candy. It’s an off white cotton and the pattern is just so cool. Weirdly I have bought a lot of white based material this year and brightly coloured pattern material, totally going against my Gothic heavy metal roots but I  like to have outfits to suit all my moods.

I also quite often frequent The Cloth House on Berwick Street and raid their remnants basket for stuff to use in projects. This is some I got on a recent trip when  popped up town. I think I have enough for some denim capris or a jacket of some sort. The print fabric is a thin muslin like cotton, would be suitable for a lining of some kind, maybe as the lining of a jacket. The black will be a skirt.
So that’s part one of my recent fabric hauls, most of them have been allocated a pattern/project as  have been busy planning and preparing my sewing projects/outfits for next year. My main goal for next year is to be super organised and productive. Now that I’ve laid the groundwork for my business I can make a little more time for personal projects and also start designing new ranges for my shop.
Anyone else stashing fabric for fabulous projects?
Natasha x

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