Happy New Year!

I know lots of people are doing retrospective posts but I wanted to keep it short and sweet on that front as I have a lot planned for 2016. 2015 was a very good year though, firstly we decided to get married and managed to organise a wedding in less that five months. We didn’t want a big wedding, so we opted for the shortest ceremony possible at the registry office with closest friends and family and drinks and buffet at our local pub across the road. It was mega low budget, the most fun I’d had in ages and my face actually hurt the next from grinning like a lunatic all day. There was a mild panic as my dress turned up quite close to the date and then turned out to be too big but I managed to alter in time!

The rest of the year saw me spending time time working on my business. As you might know (considering how much I’ve gone on about it!) I set myself a little business challenge in October and completed it just after half way through the challenge. Once January is over I’ll be doing a full write up of what happened and what I learned from the challenge. 
I also spent a lot of time with good friends, going on mini adventures and just aiming for a simple and happy life and making plans in continuing my self employed and creative journey
So What’s In Store for 2016
It’s gonna be epic and filled with adventure and fun because work doesn’t have to be serious. Yes you have to do less exciting things like taxes and admin but the whole point of working for yourself is to love it so I have a to do/goal list a mile long and I intend this to be my most productive year ever and not just work but personal wise as well. No more procrastinating, no more I’ll do it tomorrow, no more good intentions just gonna steam roll my way through 2016 and see where it gets me and hopefully look back triumphantly at all that I’ve achieved. I’ve actually made three goal lists, one for work, one personal and one for my me made wardrobe.
Here’s a little reminded of a few of things that started off on the list.
♥ To make a minimum of 12 items for my wardrobe this year, that is one a month, I know people who make one or more a week.
♥ Make four new items never made before, a pair of trousers, a blouse, a coat/jacket
♥ Learn a new skill i.e. crochet or macrame
♥ Start painting and drawing again
♥ Pick up learning a language again probably French or Japanese.
♥ Do more markets/craft fairs
♥ Care less about stats and numbers and just enjoy my work (easier said than done)
♥ Create a zine and publish it
♥ Read at least 20 books ( last year I managed 5 which is completely pathetic for me)
♥ Become and organ donor
♥ Learn to drive
♥ Design my own fabric print and use it in a collection
♥ Finish my music scrapbook
♥ Use up my current fabric stash into my me made wardrobe
♥ Make a vlog
♥ Finish writing one of the short story/novellas I have on the go!
♥ Sell some of my own artwork
♥ Create my own website with a shop
For January I’m running a sale through out the store to make way for new designs and items which should be hitting the store in February. Items currently on sale won’t be repeated, so grab stuff whilst you can. The last of the old stock and samples are being uploaded as we speak. There will be less jewellery, more sewing based goods and the introduction of some art based work and hopefully a small clothes collection!
Blogging wise I’ll be splitting my time between both blogs more equally, so the same amount of posts but divided between them. I’m sure I’ve said this before (sorry for all the repetition) but this will be about my me made wardrobe adventures, more gluten free and dairy free recipes and the odd shop talk post. My other blog will cover my love of books, music and I’ll be moving the travel posts back to there. This year I kind of neglected my Disco Barbarian blog because of work commitments and ended up posting more on this blog but I’d like to get them back to be being mores streamlined and back to they way they’re meant to be, oh and hopefully a little revamp and some better photos!
Anyway I think I’ve rambled on enough. As for you, I hope 2016 is just as epic and productive for you, remember you can do and be anything you want.

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  1. Lovely post! I like your goals for the year, sounds like it's going to be a super creative one for you! My main goals this year are to buy less, make more, travel more and have more little adventures.


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