This Year in Music

This year has been a pretty decent year gig wise, I didn’t make my go to a gig every month resolution but I did get to see a lot of bands that I hadn’t before mainly because I never got to see them first time round but I also got to see some old favourites that I love to see live., so here’s a little recap of who I saw this year. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet as you know what I’m like for rambling and these are not reviews just me fangirling or not in some cases.
Die Antwoord @ Brixton certainly kicked the year off and certainly shook away those January blues.
Mark Lanegan Band @ Shepard’s Bush – I would probably pay to hear that man sing the telephone book I love his voice so much, it’s definitely the reason why I’ve seen him live so many times.
The Afghan Whigs @ The Koko – Was good to finally see them live despite having seen Dulli play and sing in his myriad of other bands and also it was a 2 for 1 gig because Ed Harcourt was supporting!
Matt Berry @ The Forum – It’s amazing how many people pay to just to listen to one song the theme tune for his current TV series!! Still was worth it if you like the prog rock vibe.
Interpol @ The Forum – Interpol are one of my favourite bands to see live, the mix of music with stunning visuals and three encores makes them a worthy band to see live.
Future Islands @ The Roundhouse – Definitely a dancetastic gig!
Nick Cave at The Royal Albert Hall – Can’t believe we actually got tickets for this and it was amazing!
Babes in Toyland @ The Shepard’s Bush Empire – This is definitely in tie for gig of the year with L7, as these bands meant so much to me as a teenager and finally getting to see them live thanks to reforming my teenage self totally forgave me for not being bold or strong enough to go and see them by myself when I was younger because my friends were in to other bands.
L7 @ The Electric Ballroom – See above!
Eagles of Death Metal @ The Koko – EoDM have always been a fun band to see live and I breaks my heart what happened in Paris. I’m glad they didn’t let it defeat them but getting over something like won’t be easy.
Faith No More @ The Roundhouse – Again another amazing gig, flowers, disco balls and gimps, wouldn’t expect anything less from FNM.
Mark Lanegan at The Electric Ballroom – Yeah, twice in one year, it’s not the first time and probably not the last!
Combichrist @ The o2 Islington – This one was of The Goth’s rare pick of gigs. This is not really my type of music but still had a good time.
PJ Harvey @ The Barbican
This was more of a poetry and film showing with PJ singing in between than an actual gig, it was different and I liked it, except the interviewer who extremely annoying and sycophantic.
Sister’s of Mercy @ The Roundhouse – the less said the better!
Hot Chip @ Brixton – The first time I saw Hot Chip play was at Brixton when they were supporting Goldfrapp and the second time was just as good.
Graveyard @ The Electric Ballroom – This was one of those I ummed and ahhed about getting tickets to but in the end was glad I did, I also worked away with some limited edition art work which I now need to find a frame for!

Garbage @ Brixton – Shirley forgot to put her knickers on!! Seriously this woman is one of my heroes and finally getting to see Garbage play live and here one of your favourite songs played live was just awesome.

Gutterdammerung @ The Apollo – despite the guy that moaned the whole way through about how everyone was crap and kept yelling to play the movie despite them having not even finished it yet and not realising that this was just a live music even with Q&A but anyhoo I got to see Grace Jones, it was only one or two songs but still Grace Jones people! Don;t forget when it is finished to go and see it, it also stars the late and legendary Lemmy.
Marilyn Manson @ The Apollo – This gig was so much better than when we saw him play at the o2 with Rob Zombie. Having such a huge back catalogue to choose from there was a limited number of tracks from the new album, which was a shame as the new album in my opinion is his best to date. But it was still a great show and great way to the end the gig year, the light show was on point and he seemed very much in his element.  Also forgot how he just ends gigs!
The only gig I wanted to go to clashed with a market I had already signed up to, so I probably could have made it back home and back out again but I didn’t want to risk it, so December was no gig month, plus work has been pretty busy, which is a good thing really but makes going to gigs a little hard.
So that was my brief (as I could be) round of this years gigs. We have gigs already lined up for next year, Massive Attack, Henry Rollins spoken word, The Cult and another new Mike Patton collaboration called the Nevermen, and yes we’re off to the Rockabilly Festival Viva Las Vegas again for a belated honeymoon.