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Gig season is pretty much over, the one gig I wanted to go to clashes with work so unless any gigs come up over Xmas I’m not really up for seeing Fields of the Nephlim for a third year running. Seriously they seemed to have blocked booked all the Decembers! So instead I’ve been holed up working furiously to making stuff for the Christmas period and markets and whilst doing so, catching up and binge watching on series I recorded over summer or on Netflix. I tend to watch more telly in the winter, mainly because I don’t like going out that much in the winter.
Season 2 of Resurrection
Shame this has been cancelled because Omar Epps delivery of one liners and facial expressions was pure gold this season. The end was sort of left open ended so it could come back but I guess with the Netflix version, they probably won’t.
Finally got round to finishing this. The French do good crime dramas, though it probably was stretched out a little too much but still a very good intense ending. Sandra was a good character and I’m glad despite being pregnant she still wore heels, smoked and kicked arse! Not hat I encourage any of this during pregnancy, my point is they kept her true to character rather than pandering to stereotype.
Hemlock Grove
After season’s 2 very odd WTF ending, this one seems to have taken a nose dive in the last series. I’m glad we found out more about characters like Dr Pryce and Olivia’s demise was cleverly played out but the whole Spivak story line was still a little WTF and not in a good way, the close of the final episode was a little too predictable and as much as I liked Shelley and wanted her to have a happy ending, I still felt that her story line was an add on and would have much preferred they concentrated on the whole Andreas, Destiny and Peter story line which could have been way more indepth.
Grace and Frankie
Excellent and well worth a binge watch, I literally binge watched this over two days when it was released and I think it deals with break up, aging, divorce and dating in the older generation. It could be a little cliche and stereotypical at times but it’s still worth the watch.
Also getting through the new series of Fargo, AHS and Sleepy Hollow and Toast of London.
Fargo is probably one of the best written TV series I’ve ever come across. I probably wasn’t supposed to but I laughed so much during the episode Loplop but the characters are so well played, Kristen Dunst and Jessie Plemons as Ed, the devoted husband to Peggy’s unhinged hair dresser on a quest to find herself and possibly the most dangerous character in Fargo, has had some comedy gold moments. Bookeem Woodbine’s Mike Milligan is also worthy of an award. Just saying! There’s one more episode left and I’m going to miss this programme, it’s well scripted, excellently cast and I love how the story is told, going back and forth rather than playing it out in a linear fashion.
American Horror Story is good, I can’t really compare it to the rest as I’ve only seen Freakshow but mainly I’m loving The Countesses wardrobe. The story line is okay but I’m not really feeling I care what happens to any of these characters, except maybe Liz Taylor.
Sleepy Hollow season three is not the strongest of the series so far but the what hell is with these mid season breaks? Also if you haven’t watched Toast of London, then I suggest you do so immediately.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching

  1. I liked the first series of Hemlock Grove but couldn't get into the second, and am now wishing I'd watched American Horror Story.

    Currently, I'm getting into Ash Vs Evil Dead, because BRUCE CAMPBELL.


  2. The first series of HG was brilliant and then it just went down hill. I like AHS because you can actually watch each series as a stand alone and not in order because they are linked but not in a way that means it needs to be watched in order. MY OH is also currently watching Ash vs Evil Dead as he loves Bruce as well!


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