Book Haul!

Although I haven’t been doing to well on my Goodreads challenge this year, it hasn’t stopped me from buying books. A new giant Oasis charity shop has opened up round the corner from us and it has a huge book section. All of these are from there apart from the Martin Miller which I picked up from Oxfam. I have purchased and received some other books this year but they’ve mostly been business related, hence why the pleasure reading has been taking a back bench for the last few months. However, I fully intend to get back into reading more often and devour books like I did when I was a kid and one day I will complete and beat a Goodreads challenge. I might even set it mega high this year just to encourage more reading.
I also intend to along with writing and music related stuff blog more about the books I read and why I liked or not liked them. Probably not reviews as such, I find reviews unhelpfully when it comes to things like books and music because the reasons why someone does or doesn’t like something is probably the same reason as why I don’t or do like something.
How do you pick books to read, by cover, by author or by blurb? Me a little of all three. I will admit I am attracted to a book with a colourful cover. The Bees I was attracted to by the cover but the synopsis made me hang on to it.
I’m trying to expand my reading next year to include more and more authors, more female authors for a start off. I actually have an angry white man shelf in my bookcase. That’s not a bad thing, they are all pretty revered and talented authors but I also need to explore other genres and genders as well. I also need to get through my biography collection as well.
It looks like I picked all these books based on colour! Subconsciously I probably did because I like matching things. I also probably picked them because of authors. I figured I should read A Town Like Alice, it’s only when I got home I realised this was the abridged version for kid’s school! Oh well if I like I can always read the unabridged version.
Anyone picked up any good books lately?