Book Club: The Art of Shouting Quietly by Pete Mosley


Some people are naturally good at getting out there and selling their products, they can chat away, they love engaging with people and get off the buzz with dealing with people. Other people, like myself are not so good at that. The work I’m good at, the admin I’m good at, the making I’m good at the selling I’m not so good at. I open my mouth and I tend to crash and burn, I stumble over my words and sound like an idiot. I also find dealing with lots of people quite tiring and stressful, I love working from home, it’s peaceful (when the cats aren’t fighting) and my mind has time to think over things, I can think about what I’m writing, I can compose eloquent emails and responses.
But that’s not say I’m not getting better because I know I have to get out there and do it, if I want a successful business. And I have been getting better, I’ve even been trading at public markets, albeit they were new and a little quiet but this was good for me as it meant I wasn’t thrown in at the deep end or ended up feeling overwhelmed and time to get to know how markets/events run, socialise and network etc etc and my confidence with dealing with people is getting stronger.
Despite people thinking I’m loud and extroverted, I’m not really. When I was younger I took the Beder-Meyer test which told me I was quite introverted but thought it was wrong because people always told me otherwise, turns out these people weren’t exactly experts in life matters! Turns out people also like to make out your worse than what you really are because hey why boost people up when you drag them down! Anyway, I took the again not so long ago and it still came quite introverted. It makes sense, I like the quiet life, I was never really into clubbing or competitive sports, I prefer one on one conversations than group discussions, this doesn’t mean I don’t like them or won’t do them, it just means I need a little more time and energy to deal with it. I’m more of an observer than a participator, I like to watch and listen and think about stuff, I don’t see anything wrong with staying in and reading a book, knitting, watching a DVD etc on a Friday night of that’s what you like to do. So many times I’ve been referred to as a granny or boring because I’ve decided to stay in instead of go out but I’m beyond caring now.
Anyway back to the book, so yeah, I’m not great at going ‘hey buy my stuff it’s great’. I more I’ve made some stuff buy if you like or not! If you’re on social media there are so many dos and don’ts thrown around that sometimes you can feel overwhelmed or that you’re not doing right or failing. The truth is that your not and this book helps confirm that, you need to find what you are comfortable with and give yourself a stretch zone, a slow and steady approach to extending the boundaries of your comfort zone rather than stepping it out of it and feeling over whelmed!
I also had a few light bulb moments when reading this book in regards to social media, like repeating my content too much. I really should be keeping my blog as a blog and not a platform for selling my stuff, I already have a place for that which is my Etsy shop. So after reading this I decided to make the blog less work centric and focus more on creativity such as recipes, my wardrobe project and other stuff I like, there will still be work talk and updates but less often.
I can highly recommend this book even if you are an extrovert, sometimes being a freelancer can be overwhelming no matter how positive or confident we are. Sometimes it helps to look at things from a different perspective. All the time I’ve been reading about the hard sell tactic, seo, the tweet ratio, etc etc that is constantly pushed by other people on the net trying to sell you their business on how to run your business but it doesn’t really work for everyone. I really enjoyed this book as it made me think a lot about how I want to run my business and how I want to engage on the social media front. It’s a little hard going from just hanging out on the web and chatting to people, connecting and making friends to business person who has stuff to sell you. It sometimes feel like I’m spamming or annoying people by yakking to much about our business but we learn from our mistakes, the art is to find a balance and this book has helped me quite a bit in regards to this problem.
Like any good help book this has tasks and worksheets for you to do and go back over, Mosley is a coach  and works with people to create extraordinary things and how he does this shines through in this book. It is a gentle book, no hard selling, or filled with you must do this to be successful but a guide for those who need coaxing out of their comfort zones. I particularly liked the stretch zone theory which instead of jumping in at the deep end, you nudge you way slowly towards to the end zone whilst not feeling out of depth or overwhelmed. So if your introvert or quiet soul trying to make it in the business world, then this book is for you.