#BEDN – How did it go? Reflections!

So it’s the last of Blog Every Day in November and so the very last post of this challenge and what a challenge it has been, especially has I have also been preparing my shop for the holiday season and a market as well which is next weekend. So here’s my little run down of how it went and what I learned from blogging every day for a month.

Did I make to end of the challenge?

Yes, go me!

Which makes a change as I usually get bored, distracted , forget or just give up because I have no enthusiasm for it but then I remembered I’m in a better stress free zone than I was when I would just give up before without even bothering to find an excuse!

Did the prompts help?

Sort of. I stuck to the prompts as much as I could, though one or two I changed or used poetic licence but  they were just prompts, in fact you didn’t need to use them. The reason I did was to get me out of my comfort writing zone and not end up posting 30 days of similar posts. I ended up writing about a lot of things I wouldn’t usually on this blog but I did enjoy the challenge and it reminded me of my love of writing and why I got into blogging in the first place.

What did I learn?

Be Organised!
Organisation and planning is definitely the key, though some days I was winging it and almost forgot but having a prompt definitely helped. Sometimes I wouldn’t even know what to write but would start and end up going in a direction I thought I wouldn’t.
Enjoy Writing
I also learned that I actually enjoy blogging.  I’ve been blogging on and off since 2009 as I guess a ‘hobby’ blogger and most of the blogs I follow are personal lifestyle blogs and I learned that I just want to blog because I want to and not for business reasons. I originally set up the blog to run along side my business but realised that I was just repeating myself, so now I’m going back to my roots and blogging about things I like such as making clothes and eating food and I’m also resurrecting my other blog to write about music, books and other related stuff. Its a little different so I’d like to keep them separated for now and just have to get back into balancing my time between the two.

Don’t post for the sake of it!
Some of these posts I was like okay I’m posting just for this challenge but no real thought or work went into them, in fact I cheated on some by making them photo posts.
Blog like no one is reading
Stats are not important, engagement is. I met some lovely bloggers on this challenge, exchanged comments and chats with, blogging should be about community. I know some sites only promote the big blogs but sometimes they can be a little soulless. I know that sounds horrible but sometimes they just feel content generated, trends being regurgitated and too many sponsored posts. I like catching up on people’s adventures and what they did that week or freelancers that actually post helpful content and don;t make you feel like you’re failing at life and work.

What’s Next?

Well now I’ve got my blogging mojo back, it’s time to start organising my blogs, give them a little revamp and start organising what I want to write. As I said I want to write about things I like not because I feel that’s what is going to get me readers, so I will be splitting my time between both. I won;t be blogging every day because I think that’s a bit too much. I have a massive Me Made wardrobe/style project planned for next year, so I will mostly be blogging about that on here. I’ve already been stocking up on materials and patterns, clearing out my closet to make room for my new clothes. I’m hoping to include tutorials, my love of vintage clothes and style and a quest to be a more ethical in my fashion choices. There will also be recipes as I continue with my gluten free life and dairy free life and living with food intolerances and maybe a few other related stuff in between.
I’m slowly allocating my social media to deal with various life/work areas and I’m trying not to double on things except maybe on twitter. My blog is for my personal creative adventures, work will mostly be in my stores and on twitter. Instagram a messy uncurated feed of whatever attracts my attentions, Facebook I have no idea why I still have a page seeing as FB refuses to show it to anyone and Tumblr I should probably show some love to.
Anyway thank you for sticking by me in this challenge and I hope you can stick around for more creative fun and feel free to hit me up on twitter for chats and stuff.
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