#BEDN – Christmas

Today’s prompt is Christmas. To be honest I’ve always loved the run up to Christmas mainly the decorations part, presents I’m not so fussed about but any excuse to indulge in a big over the top glutinous meal! Also as a workaholics it’s a good reason for us to down tools and veg out in front of the TV and in my pyjamas.
This year we’re keeping it small again, we prefer to buy stuff throughout the year as and when we want/need stuff not just because it’s Christmas, also we prefer to save for things like a holiday instead.
I also find that after diving head first back into the world of retail, I tend to get a little Christmas fatigued by now as I’ve basically been planning and working on Christmas since late August/early September but this years hasn’t been so bad.
Anyway one of my favourite things about Christmas is the Christmas movies I get to bust out and watch like The Grinch! I also like the live action  movie too. I just like The Grinch.
And Trading Places
You can tell I’m a child of the 80s!
My all time favourite Scrooged!
Let’s not forget Die Hard
and of course as a long time Tim Burton fan, A Nightmare Before Christmas!!

There are loads of others but tell your favourite Christmas movies.

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