#BEDN – Nostalgia

A popular hashtag on Instagram is throwback Thursday, a day where all reminisce over photos where we looked so young and can’t believe we actually wore that. So today it being Thursday and all I decided to do a sewing throwback to the first dress I ever made!
You might have seen this dress on my post What I Made: A Brief History and along with some other quite frankly embarrassing over the top ‘never born to be a model’ poses! This was before I knew about pattern adjustments, how to change the tension on my machine and that zips were and always will be my arch nemesis! The shoulders were different widths and I made it a bit too tight which was okay because I would actually go on to lose quite a bit of weight. But I still loved it and I still have it, though it has been retired to the archives (ie an old vintage suitcase). The colour was perfect and I wore it a lot (actually this photo was taken a few years after made this dress, when I decided to actually document my makes) because every time I did it made me happy because I made it. Some dresses I’ve made hold more love than others but this will always be my first love because it showed me that if I wanted to do do something I could, it just takes time and practise.

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