#BEDN – Travel Dreams

Okay today post is a very quick one and rushed one as I almost forgot as I’m kinda buried under a mountain of work right now! But one of my travel dream destinations to is Japan. I love all things Japanese, in fact I might be classed as borderline obsessed.

I love the food and can quite often be found in the Japan Centre which is now moved to Piccadilly Circus, picking up dorayaki, sweet red beans, and an assortment of other goodies (mainly sweets) to take home and try. I started learning the language and still have plans to finish doing so, the intermediate classes as my local college kept getting cancelled as there wasn’t enough sign ups! But I still have all my work books so I can at lease refresh my learning of the hiragana and katakana.
I’m not sure what is about the culture that draws me to it but I am and one day I will get my act together and go there, hopefully to see the cherry blossom.

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4 thoughts on “#BEDN – Travel Dreams

  1. That's a good place to dream about. I've never been there but a friend of mine has, he said it was pretty difficult at times with very little of the signage in English. But it all added to the adventure.


  2. I definitely want to learn at least basic Japanese before I go as I've been pretty lazy with my travel so far, and thankfully whenever I've tried to speak in a language they've just spoken to me in English (well most of the time)


  3. My friend Mi Mi loves all things Japanese, and took some great photos on her last trip there. I'd like to go, but my husband isn't so sure. A return to Burma is next on our wishlist, anyhow.


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