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One thing I’m rebuilding is my vinyl collection. Over the years I’ve mislaid, lost, some vinyl albums for one reason or another and then my record player broke and I stopped buying. Then about two years we were taking shelter in a charity shop is Whitby as the winds and rain was awful and I came across this Dolly Parton album and I decided to start collecting again mainly though charity shops.

I love movie soundtracks, sometimes more than the movie!!
And reminders of my teenage years!

And that 90s hip hop phase I went through, though to be fair 90s hip hop was very good.
I’m also a sucker for coloured vinyl and limited edition presses.

Like this Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack that is pressed on red clear vinyl and came in a limited edition carrier bag that was featured in the movie (technically The Goth bought this one but you know marriage is all about sharing right!!)

Or this pink and white pressing of Frank Carter and The Rattle snakes which is my second favourite release of the year!

I also collect cassettes, I say collect, I never actually got rid of but sometimes you can still find the odd gem in a charity shop if you rummage around enough.

So that is one of my collections my other that I obsessed over for a while was vintage china but I’ve had to curb that because I’ve run out of cabinet space!! As I mentioned before most of my music and book stuff will be over on my other blog The Disco Barbarian. This one is food and clothes making. Hope you can enjoy both.

So what do you collect?

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