#BEDN – Monday Musings

So we’re on day 23 of this challenge and I get that I’ve probably been sharing a lot more personal stuff than I normally would and where in the past just the mere thought of that would have mortified me, it doesn’t now. I’ve enjoyed blogging for no reason other than I want to, which is why I got into blogging in the first place all those many moons ago. Just write about the things I like and do and so with that I know I’ve probably said it before on here but I’m going to make this a less work orientated blog and more personal one and less pressure to post and keep up with the rest of the blogosphere. I probably will write about work stuff but on a more laid back level rather than a news bulletin level but ultimately I want to write because I want to, not because I have to. I want to carry on enjoying posting and not feel that it is an obligation because nothing should ever feel like an obligation and applying the same to my other social media networks, I know this goes against every rule of building up a business on line but ultimately fuck it, I’ve never really been a rule follower anyway. And the same goes for following other people blogs, Instagrams and twitter profiles, I have never been a member of team follow back or understand this whole phenomenon of likes for likes, seriously if like means that much to you go and buy them! One true comment is better than a 1000 hearts as people scroll by. I’m trying to get better at commenting on people’s posts without worrying about rambling, being stalkerish or not wording things properly. Besides people can see through the faรงade, just be yourself because in the great Dr Seuss said ‘Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!’ I really should take my own advice more often!

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