#BEDN – Gluten Free Boozy Brownies

As you know I like to spend Friday nights in so no Friday night’s out post for me but I do have something better a food post, which I usually post on Friday anyway, so I’m going off topic for the first time in this challenge and here’s something for the weekend.. I’m on a bit of an empty the store cupboard and freezer challenge, have quite a few items languishing at the back need using up. One of those things was a jar of mixed dried fruit soaking in a concoction of left over rums for the last two years! So this week I finally got round to making my Christmas cake but I still had a lot left over, so time for some experimental recipes!!
I also found a box of gluten free chocolate brownie mix for my less than enthusiastic baking days and also because I wanted to test it out. Waitrose have definitely upped their games when it comes to gluten free products and I went on a bit of a spree and so have a few test out.

So these are my Boozy Brownies which were supposed to be more like Rocky Road


One box of gluten free chocolate brownie mix with chocolate chunks
175g on dairy free margarine/spread
2 eggs
100ml of dairy free milk I used almond
Or alternatively any decent brownie recipe you have at hand or prefer.
Extra ingredients I added were
1 cup of marshmallows
four heaped table spoons of boozy fruit mix
a handful of left over broken pecans for crunch or some broken up gluten free biscuits
Mix the wet ingredients, add the dry ingredients, mix well add to a lined baking tray, preferably a square one, bake for 30 minutes and 180 degrees

Now the only thing that sort of went wrong was the marshmallows completed melted and disappeared into the mixture whilst baking but it did add a nice gooey texture to the mix and you could still sort of taste the marshmallows,so it wasn’t all bad. In fact they were very good!

ย  Perfect for a Friday night in, or for that matter any night in.

Have a fabulous weekend!

*Please note that I was not asked to feature this product, I paid for it out of my own pocket and all opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “#BEDN – Gluten Free Boozy Brownies

  1. This looks absolutely decadent! I cannot wait to see what the family thinks when trying this! In a large gluten-free family, we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to create wonderful things full of flavor and this definitely looks like it will fit that bill! Not only this, it is easy to shift to the dairy-free as well, yielding a wonderful plus! Just have to ask, do you have any suggestions on the fudge brownie mix you suggested to use?


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