#BEDN – Entreperneurship Week

I wasn’t really sure what to write today,  wasn’t even really sure what entrepreneurship meant but I guess it’s what I’ve been doing since I became self employed last year, working towards creating a business where one day I will make a profit. I know that in the first few years, things will be tight and highly unlikely to be profitable! I know that it requires constant dedication and review and knowing what products people want or making people believe that they want or your need your product. I’m not very good at the selling myself part, it just feels so unnatural to me to shout about how wonderful and great my stuff is, despite the feedback in my store backing this up.
I don’t really think of myself as an entrepreneur which, I will be honest I think is a term that gets misused quite a bit. I also really don’t like terms like mumpreneur, solopreneur or any other hybridisation of the word entrepreneur with another word, that’s just my personal opinion, you can label yourself as whatever you want, I just feel that pigeon-holing yourself through made up labels is a little pretentious and can be limiting. Like a said it’s just a personal opinion and I don’t mean to be offensive.
Anyway, that aside this post has given me a chance to sneak in some shop talk into this challenge! So you may remember at the beginning of October I set myself a challenge for the next four months which you can catch up with here, which are the busiest time of year for anyone who sells anything. So here’s a little update with how the challenge is going. So far it’s going well and this is probably because I made a very detailed action plan of everything I need to do, month by month and week by week. I’m not even half way through my challenge and I’ve already hit the 50% mark both sales figures wise and financially. I made 63% of my sales target and 70% of my financial target, so I’m pretty confident that by Christmas I would have hit my targets if not surpassed them. I’m constantly reviewing and checking everything and I still have a market to prepare for as well, so busy making for that. The other part of my challenge is to clear out all old stock to make room for new ideas and designs as well as raising capital for it, this is happening as well, Christmas stocking are flying out! It’s encouraging and the good feedback is really motivating because when you know you’re doing a good job the key is to not only keep at it but do even better.  I will be doing a full review when the challenge is up at the end of January and will let you how it went, what when right and wrong and what learned.

 I’ve been using a new function on Etsy called shop updates to keep my customers informed with what’s going on, new stock in the works, special discounts. I’ve converted my Pinterest to a business account to see if this helps, I’m working on some branding ideas for the new year and I’m figuring out what to do with my Instagram and how to theme and make it more appealing to customers. It’s a constant process, ever evolving and adapting to trends, needs and demands and I’m using this to bring out my full potential which I’ve been sitting on for too long waiting for the right moment or confidence to do so. To be honest you just have to believe in yourself and go for it.

I also made these motivational/quote images myself rather than scouring the Internet for free images. I just used picmonkey and some images I had. I’m going to scour my personal photo banks for more images, I have so may that could be used for this kind of thing, it seems silly not to. Anyway that my little ramble for today on how things are going.

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