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My home isn’t really my home, it belongs to my landlady and despite always being a renter, this is the first flat which I don’t feel is a home but just a stop gap until we find our permanent home. Don’t get me wrong my landlady is lovely, she makes sure everything is fixed as quickly as possible etc etc but it still doesn’t feel like a home but I’m okay with that because I know I’m not going to be here forever. It’s convenient, two seconds from the high street (literally), there is a lovely pub across the road that do the most awesome roast dinnerΒ  and easy for The Goth to get to work, not the daily 90 minute commute each way that we had to do and that was on a good day!
But it’s a nice, flat, spacious, the light is not great and now I just sound like I’m picking holes in it, which to be fair I am basically because me and the landlady have complete opposite taste in style. Anyway enough rambling! Important question are you on Pinterest? If so you’ll know that it is an inspirational paradise! I joined Pinterest in the early beta days and was very quickly hooked. A couple of year ago though my interest waned a little and I kinda of dipped in and out of it when I was reminded that it existed. But now that my creativity is at full throttle again, I’ve been sorting out my boards and pinning like a demon again. One of my favourite boards has been my Dream Home board. Suffice to say I have decadent taste and I know what I like, so here are a few of my favourite ideas for my dream home.

A 70s style bathroom with lots of plants and subway style tiling. I’ve always been quite fortunate to have quite big bathrooms with baths, it would definitely need a bath.

Wall dividers, a great way to split a room without cutting off the light.

A retro styled living room circa late 50s early 60s!

It’s either white walls with lots of pictures or plain walls covered with over the top bold and beautiful wallpaper!

Floor to ceiling bookcase, need I say more!

A walk in closet would be nice!

Large windows to let in lots of natural light.

A nice big oven to bake my treats in.
I blame my obsession with the Addams Family house on this one but a glass atrium/conservatory would be the piece de resistance.
A big sweeping staircase, just because I like to make grand entrances!
But to be honest this would be way more fun and then I can pretend to be Batman when answering the front door!
So that would be my dream home, a mix of decades to reflect my love of vintage and design through the ages, with a touch of decadence because why the hell not!

What would include in your dream home?

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  1. More room for books! I have a house, but it's a little one and there's never enough room for books and pottery. Though it does have room for cats, so it's got the important stuff…


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