#BEDN – Anti Bullying Week

Bullying takes on many forms for the outright vicious and violent to the subtle manipulation and chipping away of people’s self esteem. I have crossed paths with many bullies over the years and been the subject of their campaigns, most of the time it’s like not this shit again, other times have been a little more serious. I’ve learned when to stand my ground and fight my battle and when to walk away but all of them have taught me that to break the cycle you have to do the opposite of what these people do to you.ย  At the heart of it I am a pacifist, I hate fighting, I aim for a peaceful life and resolutions but if you push me too far I probably will kick you in the nuts!

I wrote a post not so long ago on my other blog which kind of touches on this subject. This post is about what I’ve learnt from other people’s opinions about me and how they are none of my business, warning it contains a little swearing!
If you are being bullied, no matter how big or small you think it is, please talk to someone. No deserves to be bullied and you are not all those things they say you are.


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