#BEDN – Video

Well we are half way through the challenge and yes I’m still here much to my own surprise, usually I would have found an excuse to stop doing a challenge by now but I am really enjoying this even it is tough squeezing it between the other stuff like work and sleeping! And most importantly I got my blogging mojo back, so thanks to Emma Cossey who tweeted this challenge into my time line and Elizabeth for organizing it!
Now I had plans to make a vlog or a video but I still have got to grips with a) making a video and b) being in front of a camera or hearing myself on camera because I’m big old dorkasaurus and also think I sound really weird on camera. So instead to celebrate being half way through the challenge here’s a cheesy 80s poodle rock video for you, look at that hair!!! For those of you too young to remember the 80s, yes the hair was that big, the pants were really that tight but the music was excellent, not that I ever admitted to liking Bon Jovi as I was a Guns and Roses fan!

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