#BEDN – What is your expertise?

I’m a great believer in you can have as many fresh starts, do overs as you need to get where you want to be!
In my former life i.e. pre self-employment, I was a paralegal dealing with leasehold and freehold issues, in my new life it’s being creative. Some days I feel like a jack of all trades and master of none, other days I’m dealing with it like a boss. In my last job I got to a place where I was good at what I did, I had taught myself all the in and outs of the job, if I customer asked a question and I didn’t know the answer I would go research it and come back to them, I learnt a lot, I had become pretty much an expert in what I did. I knew that because of the amount of ‘go ask Tasha, she’ll know’ from fellow colleagues being bantered around the office.
Now I’m starting from the beginning again (sort of), a lot of my skills are transferable, so writing my shop policies was a breeze, writing business plans no problem, taking stock photos on the other was a new skill I had to learn. Yes, I can take pictures but editing is a whole new ball game to me, as is doing accounts,Β  product descriptions, and the mountain of other stuff you have to learn about being self employed and running a small business. But you know what I’m enjoying my new adventure, I’ve actually become more focused in my personal life as well, more content and more relaxed, dare I say happy. Yes some days are still tiring and the wage packets is a lot lower (at the moment!) but I wouldn’t go back to my old life, where I was over worked, over tired and under appreciated!
Taking a leap into the unknown is risky as hell and to be quite frank, bloody terrifying but I have people who believe in me, so I believe in me. And if you don’t have anyone to believe in you, believe in yourself anyway because that all that matters.

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