Don’t Be That Guy!

As a long time gig goer, you get to come an extraordinary amount of people from all walks of life, the one thing you have in common is that gig. Most pet peeves you let slide, I know not everyone finds me cute and endearing (I know how is that not possible) or hilariously funny or whatever else makes people like you these days but you know I have a few pet peeves of my own but I let them slide because people are people, the harm is not intentional and the likelihood you’ll ever see them again is small unless like you they are an avid gig goer and like the same bands as you do. But then you get that one person who is the ultimate douche!
on Thursday I headed up to the Gutterdammerung gig at The Forum, it was a showcase for the movie, live music, Q&A etc etc, a live music event, that is what is billed at! Now if you stand at the back of venue, which I generally do because it’s less crowded you get stuck with certain types of people, the people like you just want to watch from a safe distance without a crowd surfer landing on your head or to drink and talk you’re way through the whole gig until they can sing a long to that one song they know. Now I admit by the time I got to the gig I was in a level one arsehole mood, meaning if you pissed me off I was more than likely to say something about it. Now I know the gig had not started but two dudes stood in front of us, half facing us and literally started shouting their conversation so loud that I felt that I was meant to be included in it. I made a sarcastic comment to my husband, the guy came back, my bitch face stayed rested, he came back some more I just shrugged with my bitch face still intact. Then a few minutes later he asked if I could take a photo of him and his friends which I obliged and then he bought me a drink and apologised, I felt bit bad so apologised as well and thanked him for the drink and we got on for the rest of the evening and he introduced me to crime writer Chris Carter. Totally random!
But let’s talk about the second incident, where the title of this blog post comes from. Firstly he stood behind the projector equipment which obviously obscured his view of the stage. Now any other person would have just moved to a position where they would have a better view, the venue wasn’t packed to the hilt like it usually is because it was being filmed, they needed room for the camera crews to move around, so there was plenty of room for you to move around and find a spot to view the stage. No this guy decided to stay behind said equipment and complain about it! Yeah it gets better. So it starts and instead of watching and listening he and his friend decide to shout really loudly through the whole of it, complaining and laughing manically how shit it is. Non stop! He complains the music is shit, he complains Henry is talking too much during the Q&A, now it might be worth pointing at this point the movie is not yet released or finished, this is a fan event, no actual movie just teasers, music and talking! Then this guy yells just ‘play the fucking movie’, one of the camera crew turns round and laughs and gives a look saying ‘who the fuck is this guy?’ At this point he’s upsetting everyone around around, I mean everyone! So he starts off again and me being me, waded in! I basically told him to stop being a fucking prick and if he didn’t like to go because he was ruining it for everyone, he then tried to say he only shouted that one thing, so obviously I corrected him and pointed out that he had been shouting through the whole event and people couldn’t hear the Q&A, he then had the nerve to say I was ruining it for him! Really?? I’m ruining a experience you’ve already quite clearly stated sucks! Did he stop? No. Le Sigh. He had paid for his ticket so he was gonna stay!
Then Grace Jones came on, cue wild excitement from a everyone, except that guy! She’s rubbish, she’s not a proper musician blah, blah, blah. I think it was probably wise of my husband to tell me that after the gig because I probably would’ve gone all medieval on his ass if I had, that dude, not my husband. Grace left, the band played some more songs and the night was over. That guy for the first time that night was speechless because guess what? They didn’t play the movie. But then yeah we all knew that, it was even mentioned in the Q&A before he shouted out his ‘Play the fucking movie’ moment. I won’t lie when I say I felt a little smug that he was crushed over this! Actually I felt very smug! When you behave like the ultimate douchebag because you clearly have the wrong end of the stick, then spend the whole gig moaning about it, then you get no sympathy from me, probably an ear bashing but definitely no sympathy.
But you know I will commend him for one thing, he did unite the people, even if it was against him. I got chatting to a couple that were behind us who he was also annoying and they thanked me for trying to him to shut up, like I said it will get to a point and if I see everyone else is upset I will say something.
So yeah the moral of the story, don’t be that guy, girl, person, arsehole or douchebag! Read the label and if you really dislike it that much, leave. Seriously! I’ve done it! What’s the point of sticking around and suffering something? Oh you paid for the ticket now, it was ยฃ15 dude! Put it down to experience, move on and go do something else instead. I guess some people just enjoy trying to ruin the experience for everyone, misery loves company right? But hey, I will be that person who calls you out on it, so be warned!