#BEDN – Local Area

I’ve lived in South London pretty much my whole life, I grew up in Streatham and lived in Balham for about eight years, we now lived in Tooting. But one of my favourite places to hang out is Brick Lane, it might not be my immediate local area but London is my home and I consider it my local area, even there is so much more to explore and see. I’m particularly fond of this part of East London as I went university there and lived off Kingsland Road briefly, there’s the Geffrye Museum, Denis Sever’s House, Spitalfields Market, Columbia Road Flower Market, Hackney and Dalston are a stone’s throw away for shopping and Kingsland Road used to have some pretty decent Vietnamese restaurants as well. Though I haven’t lived there for such a long time I’m not sure any more.

I like to wander round and in between vintage shops take pictures or the ever changing street art from so many talented artists. I get why people don’t like graffiti or street art but it’s been an obsession of mine since I was kid in the 80s. Personally I love it, not the tagging bus stop crap but proper statement pieces like Zabou’s work.
ย I don’t really indulge any more due to food intolerances but I can honestly say these are the best bagels ever from Beigel Bake, open 24 hours, salt beef cooked to perfection, mustard to make your eyes water. One of my most favourite memories is walking down the road, eating bagels with The Goth as it snowed.
ย Me and The Goth go and sit in one of my favourite places, people watch, eat our bagels, just watch the world pass by.

There is just one of my favourite places in London to hang out, others include Berwick Street in Soho, South Bank on the River especially in the winter when they have the Christmas Market, The Tate Modern, Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park and The Wellcome Collection. As I said there is so much to do in London and so much more to explore I really should get out more!

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