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I actually started writing this post a few weeks ago ready for sort of mid December post as I like to write things down whilst I remember it, I have so many draft posts it’s getting a bit ridiculous but decided that it was appropriate for today’s #BEDN post.
So I’ve sort of been using my blog to hold my self accountable to stuff and it’s kind of working, the whole holiday season business plan thing meant I’m getting a lot of things done and with a positive outcome! So I figured next year will be about setting myself some more challenges and balancing my project lists and learning some new skills and getting My Dream Wardrobe off the ground
So I pledge the following
♥ To make a minimum of 12 items for my wardrobe this year, that is one a month, I know people who make one or more a week.
♥ Make four new items never made before, a pair of trousers, a blouse, a coat/jacket
♥ Learn a new skill ie crochet or macrame
♥ Start painting and drawing again
♥ Pick up learning a language again probably French or Japanese.
♥ Do more markets/craft fairs
♥ Care less about stats and numbers and just enjoy my work (easier said than done)
♥ Create a zine and publish it
♥ Read at least 20 books ( last year I managed 5 which is completely pathetic for me)
♥ Become and organ donor
♥ Learn to drive
♥ Design my own fabric print and use it in a collection
♥ Finish my music scrapbook
♥ Use up my current fabric stash into my me made wardrobe
♥ Make a vlog
♥ Finish writing one of the short story/novellas I have on the go!
♥ Sell some of my own artwork
♥ Create my own website with a shop
So I figure that’s enough on top of building up my own business to keep me busy for a while. Have you got any creative plans for next year?
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6 thoughts on “#BEDN – Lists

  1. That's quite a creative list! I've not made clothes for years. I used to make most of my son's clothing, trousers, jackets, knitted sweaters. I made my own skirts for work too.
    Good luck with getting all done!


  2. Thank you, I think it's varied enough to keep me occupied and out of trouble. I hope you get round to publishing your zine, would love to read. I'm addicted to them at the moment.


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