#BEDN – Family

I am one of those people that truly believe that pets are part of your family and yes although I regularly complain that they drive me nuts I do love them in equal measure and I am a total crazy cat lady.
Raven is the oldest, she’s 11 now and a proper grumpy old lady that does not like to share anything except when I have chicken for dinner, then I must share mine with her. Enjoys head butting me awake in the morning and jumping in and out of boxes! Thinks the outdoors is overrated!

Frank came to live with us is July when our neighbours moved and they were going to give him to a shelter. Seeing as long with the rest of the street we had been feeding their cats for them anyway, I offered to take him in. There is a slightly longer version of this but suffice to stay he was semi feral and hadn’t seen a vet. We had to have him neutered for health reasons, as he had Cryptorchidism, which means one of the testicles doesn’t develop and is leftΒ  is inside and will usually turn cancerous after a few years if not removed. He’s now doubled in size, eats us out of house and home and you may have seen from previous posts likes rolling around in bins and sleeping on his head!Β  His other hobbies include sitting in the bath but not having a bath, exploring the car park behind our house and coming back filthy (see below) and chasing squirrels and Raven, neither of which like to be chased by Frank!

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