#BEDN – Style

I’ve written about my ever changing personal style quite a bit over the years, currently I’m in a bit of a style rut, I blame working from home but the real reason is I’ve just lost my style mojo, it doesn’t help that I haven’t been belt to dedicate some serious time to sewing and making stuff for my Me Made Wardrobe! But this is fairly poor excuse as they go.



Now my wardrobe looks nothing like or is no where nears as fabulous as Carrie Bradshaw’s walk in closet but there is still time to make this happen. Over the last two years I’ve been clearing out what I don’t wear or no longer fits! There are a few dresses that hit the cull this week, mainly vintage that don’t really suit me or are my style but I’m working towards to starting from scratch point.
In a nutshell I would describe my style as a mixture of 90s grunge queen and vintage with a dash of goth and pinch of metal chick! The levels vary on how I’m feeling on the day. I am working on a rebuilding my wardrobe but I want to make most of it myself, I have been sewing for nearly twenty years, so it’s time to up my game and make something more than dresses and skirts. Though I haven;t sewn in a while so am a little rusty!
I’ve been ploughing through my pinterest boards to inspiration for items to add to my wardrobe and have made a list of the items and styles I do like!


Shirt Dresses


Again Mad Men is one of those programmes I started watching mainly for the fashion but it’s actually a really good programmes I still have to catch up on the last few series but I’m planning on watching from the beginning again because it’s so good. Anyway, let’s talk shirt dresses! This is one item of clothing that I do actually like, I have a few in my closet and have bought some really cool patterned fabrics to turn into some shirt dresses using a vintage pattern I have. A lot of these pins are really old so the clothes are no longer available but really I pinned to use as inspiration for making my own clothes.




This was originally sold in Modcloth. I actually own a lot of striped clothing, so this might be classed as a borderline obsession!



Everyone should own at least one sequined item in their wardrobe for that emergency glamour situation!


This dress is no longer available for the The White Pepper but I have seen a black and white version of this material I could probably make something similar for myself using one of my vintage shirt dress patterns.

Maxi Skirts

I’ve started on my midi and maxi skirt collection already.

Fun Prints

Miu Miu

  Colour Blocking



  Quirky Accessories


Found on Etsy

Something Decadent

Like this Valentino dress.

More shoes

 Keeping in practical of obviously!


 The quirkier the better!


 Go big or go home!
I dream of owning beautiful Bakelite like this, one day I will have a few pieces in my collection. I own some moon glow and a bit of fakelite but yes one day Bakelite it is.
So this pretty much sums up my style, looking stylish on the other is another matter that needs to be dealt with but I figure once I get my me made wardrobe back on track I’ll be well on my way to Glamourville!! I will be charting my progress on here, in fact I’ve drawn up a little pledge in regards to making my own clothes next year. At the moment I’m a little too busy with work to try and squeeze in any serious sewing time but that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning my ultimate dream wardrobe! Now I must resist going on a fabric buying spree.