#BEDN – Self Care Sunday

I think back to my younger days to where I didn’t really take care of my self very well physically or mentally and I feel terrible for the way I treated younger me. I was quite happy (and still am) to help other people take care of themselves but would always neglect myself, like I wasn’t really that important or didn’t matter. It was only when I hit my thirties I realised just how unkind I had been to me and started paying myself the attention that I deserved. I no longer feel the pressure or need to make sure the rest of the world is okay, please people, live up to their expectations or fit in, I stopped putting my life on hold for others, I stopped believing the negative criticism I was fed, I just started to let it all go. I realise that this has lead to disappointment from some and faded relationships with others but I’m okay with that, my aim to just keep moving forward towards a happier life and a happier me, a life full of adventure and laughter and if people can’t get with that, it’s no longer my problem.

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4 thoughts on “#BEDN – Self Care Sunday

  1. I think as you get older you change 'tack' in your life. It's no longer about everyone else – it's about you. No-one needs negative vibes in their life and the sooner you learn to let it go the better you feel.


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