#BEDN – Unusual Hobbies

I decided for this challenge I was going to stick to the prompts as it meant writing about things I wouldn’t usually but when it came to today’s topic I was a little bit stumped. I’m not sure what constitutes as an unusual hobby, except maybe collecting toenail clippings!!

However, my hobbies include sewing,
starting short stories and never finishing them,


collecting vinyl, 
collecting art work,

 going for long walks round London and getting intentionally lost to see what I will discover,

collecting plants 
 indulging in buying independent magazines
 reading books, drawing and painting, basically anything creative, and just generally getting lost in my own imagination.

I don’t really think of any of my hobbies as unusual, they’re just me.

Tell me your hobbies, what do you like to indulge in?

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8 thoughts on “#BEDN – Unusual Hobbies

  1. You have some good hobbies that'll keep you busy. I like the idea of getting lost, we sometimes do that – but when we're driving, just turn off and see where you end up.


  2. Some great hobbies! I have a secret addiction to magazines – I have even been known to end up with more than one copy when I've forgotten what I have already bought 😦 Trying hard to curb the compulsion 🙂


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