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I have a bug bear to air, it annoys the hell out of me when people say they’re at home on Friday night doing laundry (or something else) and how rock and roll they are, like staying in on Friday night is a bad thing. I have recently been embracing my well neglected and ignored introverted side and staying in on Friday just suits me down to the ground. In fact I’ve always been happy to stay in, I really have to be in the right frame of mind or with the right people to go out and party and mingle.I also prefer smaller get togethers than big massive parties or clubs.
But there’s this whole notion that if you’re living it up large at the weekend then you’re missing out on something and I call bull on that. There is nothing wrong with staying in and just doing what you like, watching TV, reading a book, whatever it is, it doesn’t make you boring and you don;t have to justify it either. I got called a grandma once because I didn’t want to go clubbing and listen to bad techno music whilst drinking watered down alcohol, I just wanted to chill out and read a book. So be it, I can live with it!
At the moment for me Friday nights are sitting down with my husband and catching up on episodes of Sleepy Hollow, AHS and Fargo whilst I knit myself a scarf. This for me is heaven, we work so hard during the rest of the week and this time of year for me most of the weekend too, that scheduling in some down time is important.

ย I still have to catch up with season 1 to 3 of American Story but Freak Show was amazing and quite sad in places. Hotel is much more dark on a Seven level with this serial killer, also Lady Gaga is pretty good as well (and hot!)

Sleepy Hollow provides light-hearted entertainment in the supernatural drama zone, though I wouldn’t want to be Agent Mill’s boss as they always seem to end up dead in the first episode of the season.

Fargo is one of those slow burners, about murder and deceit in a small town. The first series was amazing and me and The Goth ended up picking up Fargo accents and uttering phrases like Oh Boy, For Sure and now Okay Then! Really liking Kirsten Dunst’s character in this series and looking forward to seeing how it all pans out! Also 70s fashion!!!!
ย So here’s to staying in on Friday nights and anyone watching anything good at the moment?

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6 thoughts on “#BEDN – Friday Night in

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I probably haven't been out on a Friday night for at least five years for one reason or another and I don't feel the need to proclaim how 'rock and roll' I am? Is it not just one person's preferences over another? There was never a time in my life when I did go out every Friday night (weeknights were better and more fun when I was at university etc) haha. So many better things to do at home on Fridays ๐Ÿ™‚ I think.


  2. Oh definitely. I also think people need to respect other people's choices and that everyone is different. But yay to the stay in on Friday club! And thanks for dropping by, have a lovely weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Had to switch my post for today as I couldn't just say we veg out on the sofa watching programmes on the sky planner!
    My favourite programme is Suits (on Dave) but for some godforsaken reason the Americans decided to only do half the series now! The other half comes in January.


  4. I have to be really in the mood to go out at the weekends (or at all really!). I like spending time, winding down and relaxing with my husband. Our nights out are few and far between and that's the way we like it. Sure, I went through a phase in my 20's when staying in felt like social suicide but that was right for me then and this is right for me now, I don't give a damn about what any one might think to that.
    We tend to watch old West Wing box sets over and over again…


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