Hello, anyone still out there?
I know it’s been a while but after a little break and think about what to do with this blog
By the way have you seen this movie? John Wick is now one of favourite movies, I do love a good, well stylised action movie. Visually this film is pretty good and not just for the Keanu factor!
So yeah I’m coming back, there will no more ranting/moaning about life’s injustices unless it really warrants it, this will be more music, books, writing and TV/Movie orientated. Moving forward to write about stuff I more happy with. So having a little make over, drafting some new posts in between my actual job (this is he busiest time of year for me, so it’s a little hard to balance) but will definitely be splitting my time equally between both my blogs real soon.
If you are still out there, thanks for sticking around.