#BEDN – Fireworks Night

I am not a big fan of fireworks night. I like fireworks at a distance or watching them from inside but I think I might have been scarred by those safety videos they used to show at school in the 80s. You know the one where little Billy was scarred for life because he went back to the firework he thought had gone out or Janet burned her hand after a picking up a discarded sparkler? However on a slightly more serious note, one time my dad was taking us to a local display and we cut through an underpass and some kids let of a rocketย  whilst we were walking through. Thankfully it missed everybody but the bang was deafening especially as we were in a tunnel.
We’ve had displays with family and friends and stuff but tonight is my first time going to an outdoor display in ages with some friends who actually got engaged on Bonfire Night! However you spend fireworks night, stay safe, check any bonfires before lighting for hedgehogs looking for a place to hibernate, and I’m making sure both my kitties are staying in for the night, not that Frank really seems to be bothered but still just to be on the safe side.
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2 thoughts on “#BEDN – Fireworks Night

  1. I am not the biggest fan of fireworks either. They look nice, sure. But all the smoke they leave behind and all the animals that get scared are not worthy for a beautiful spectacle on the sky. What I do like are those sparklers fireworks that you hold in your hand.


  2. I like them and I hate them. I have such mixed feelings about private firework parties. We have a firework party every year, which I agree to because it is a long standing tradition for my husband and his friends, but if it wasn't for that I'd happily let it pass me by each year.
    Being in a tunnel with a rocket going off must have been terrifying!


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