#BEDN – Photo Diary

I love photography even if I’m not always that great at it but I’m still learning techniques etc and loving it, except when you tweet about learning about photography and then companies try to sell you products through the use of supposedly helpful advice. Like one that use this product to make your work sterile and boring with a white background and then you click on the link and it’s like yeah you want me to pay for that service because I’m to lazy to learn to edit photos myself or you know develop my own style! Or people emailing you telling you there is nothing wrong with your work but if you want to pay to send your stock to them and then pay them to photograph it and then pay to get it back, they can do that for you!!!
Anyway rant aside, I do love Instagram and might be a little bit addicted, so here’s is some of Octobers Instagram.

Took a mini break to Amsterdam, The Goth managed to take a picture where I don’t look like a dorkasaurus. For the record I’m not very good at having my picture taken.

Visited the botanical gardens whilst we were there.
Tasting the macro function on my new camera.
Bought lots of fresh juice, magazines and chocolates before heading home.
I love the morning light in my living room
New note book for kick ass business planning or any excuse to buy new stationery.
Frank likes to sleep on his head.
And roll around in bins!

Went to Brick Lane to visit a pop up and had a hunt around for new street art/graffiti 
Celebrated National Black Cat Day with our other brat, Miss Raven.
Slightly annoyed that our view of pretty sunsets is now blocked by our neighbours extension but I guess it beats the year of scaffolding we’ve had to look at instead!
Celebrated Halloween with my beloved, though to be honest it’s pretty much Halloween all year in the Goth House!

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4 thoughts on “#BEDN – Photo Diary

  1. I'm a little bit in love with Frank 🙂
    Love the butterfly shot and the morning light. And stationery! I love stationery and as a self emplyed type – it's tax deductible! Yay!
    Also – awesome purple hair.


  2. He's a total heart breaker that one! I adopted him off my neighbour when they moved, he's a complete stroppy teenager as well. Thank you, sometimes I think I'm too fussy about my photography. And thank you, though it does need a top this week, the curse of crazy colour hair, it fades so quickly.


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