#BEDN – Love Mondays!

I never used to like Mondays, they sucked but then I left my job and I realised it wasn’t Monday’s fault, it was mine for being in a sucky job. Mondays really aren’t that bad, they just drew the short straw and now I’m self employed me I’ve gone back to liking Mondays.
One of the reasons I used to love Monday was new releases. You know, you’d run down to the record store like Our Price and grab the latest singles or album released that day. I still have a box of cassettes hoarded somewhere, my vinyl collection is getting back to decent state. If I’m honest music means a lot to me it’s something I’ll be writing about why on my other blog soon but I love music. When I was 13 I discovered grunge and heavy metal and just fell in to it, immersing myself into the subculture and discovering every band I could and then I discovered going to gigs. Live music and gigs became my passion and something I still indulge in a lot. Today my music collection is a little more varied, some say quite eclectic, it doesn’t matter what genre is falls into, if I like it, it goes in my collection. Anyway I’ve cobble together a little collection from Soundcloud of some of my favourite bands, there are too many to mention

Queens of the Stone Age are and most probably will always be my favourite band, also the band connections, projects, collaborations etc has led me to discovering so much new music!

I recently got to see them live for the first time, it was a dream come true and they didn’t disappoint!

I would probably pay to listen to this man sing the telephone directory!!

There music is brilliant but there live shows are amazing! The mix of music and visuals are out of this world.

I was big House of Pain fan but I really like Everlast’s solo work and I love it even more when people do alternative versions of songs, not covers per se but put a new twist on it like the way Nouvelle Vague sing Punk songs in a boss nova style.

And that is Day 2 of #BEDN, tomorrow is one of my favourite subjects FOOD!!

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