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Today is the first of November, a new month so it’s only befitting that today’s topic is something new about me. I struggled a bit here but you know you can interpret these themes any way you like, some are not even following the prompts just blogging every day. On today’s theme some are using it as way to introduce themselves but when put on the spot I’m like um not really much to tell, though there probably is. So I tried to find something different and all I could come up with is that I’ve changed my hair colour one whole shade from pink to purple, actually it’s both at the moment! And then I remembered after drafting a whole post about how I changed my hair that I actually have some new (sort of) interests.
The first one came about when I decided that I need to take some new photos of some of the stock, as my old photos were poorly edited and styled. So I had a little nosey at some shops who were doing well and realised that I need to work not only lighting my products better but also at styling them. When I was in Amsterdam recently I bought some Autumnal decorations to use in some of the photos and thus I discovered I can use my creativity in other ways such as prop and product styling.

So this is one of my first attempts.
And this led me to explore other design and styling ideas. I’ve been a plant lover and avid gardener since my teens. Although since moving to this flat I’ve been concentrating on trying to turn our concrete nightmare ofย  a garden into a vegetable oasis, I’ve neglected the interior of the flat and so recently have been on a plant buying spree.

Poundland has been a goldmine recently for tiny cacti, also Sainsbury’s and Ikea have been good as well.

And then I remembered I have been wanting to make my own terrarium for ages now and managed to score some jars from Ikea. The round vase was from a charity shop.

So with my new props and plants I’m going to indulge in my new hobby of making terrariums for the flat, I have a few ideas as well for them but will share them when they are made.
And so that is my Day 1 entry for Blog Every Day in November and something new about me! (sorry it’s a little long) I hope you liked it can join me for the rest of the month, now I’m off to catch up on my #BEDN bloggers.

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10 thoughts on “#BEDN – Something New!

  1. I love these photos, they'd do well on some of the creative selling sites ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the idea of tiny cacti, but hadn't even considered Poundland. Might have to pop down there today.


  2. Oh, you can solve an argument for me, in the final picture, the tall thin plant in the middle, do you know what it's called? I have one and my brother refuses to believe it's real and has been laughing at me for occasionally watering what he thinks is a plastic plant.
    Aside from my problems… Thanks for popping over to my blog to say hello, it's nice to meet you. I love the styling, particularly the little pumpkins in frames. i look forward to reading more (I'm stumped on today's prompt).


  3. Its a cylindrical snake plant or sometimes called African Spear, great if you forget to water your plants because they are drought resistant but need a lot of sunlight.

    You're welcome and likewise, it's lovely to meet you too. Today stumped me a little but I think I managed it in a round about way.


  4. An African Spear. Great thank you, now I can get my dearest brother to eat his words.
    Hope you're enjoying BEDN so far, I've had little time to keep up with everyone (hence all my comments coming on one day – I'm catching up, not stalking – I promise!), but I'm really enjoying it.


  5. You're welcome. I am, though some days more than others. Oh don;t worry I was bit like that at the weekend when I actually managed to sit down and chill out for a bit and catch up with some blog reading. Catching up with all these fab blogs might be the new bedtime reading just so I can keep up!


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