Photo Diary: Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam

I’m a total plant lover, I love gardening and growing my own fruits and veg, our flat is slowly being filled with a myriad of plants types. When I was doing my GCSE art (a very long time ago), one of the projects was to create a piece based on plants and every year at the beginning of that course they would take the classes to Kew Gardens for inspiration and to sketch plants, and thus began my love of Tropical Glasshouses. Where ever we go I also end up going to a botanical garden to visit the tropical houses and butterfly houses, this time we went to the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.

Desert Sessions
Welcome to the Jungle!
(I do love a good lens flare!)

 These photos are from me trying out the macro function on my camera for some close up photography.

I’m hoping to use some of these pictures I took as inspiration in future collections of work.

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