Photo Diary: Autumn In Amsterdam

When we landed in Amsterdam a week ago, there were some ominous clouds lurking but once we had got into the city they had lifted and we had a week of glorious sunshine. Even though I was hindered by a chest cold, I still managed to clock in 10k walking round the city most days trying to find museums and gluten free eating places, and generally just getting lost and stumbling across random things like we do.

Autumn in Amsterdam 1 airportautumn in Amsterdam 3

I was a little wary when we landed through thick grey clouds but it soon cleared up and the sun shined for the whole time we were there

autumn in Amsterdam 4 red bikeautumn in Amsterdam 5 blue bikeautumn in amsterdam 14 mirror reflection

Our plan was to do some biking round the city but I didn’t realise just how many people cycled in the city. It makes sense, the roads are small and it’s the quickest and most environmentally friendly way to get around plus parking spaces are astronomically expensive! People transport everything on their bikes, kids, shopping, pets but then I saw how fast they actually cycled and bottled it. I had enough trouble trying not to get run over by them (my fault not theirs) and also I haven’t ridden a bike in years, so opted for walking instead which is just as healthy.

autumn in amsterdam 6 archetectureautumn in amsterdam 7 cat museum

Took a walk through Vondelpark on our way to the Cat Cabinet, a museum dedicated to artwork of cats. We also tried to visit the Electric Ladyland museum but it was closed for renovation but ended up stumbling across the vintage shops so it all worked out in the end.

If you can take a boat tour on one of the smaller boats, it’s a little longer and takes you round more of the canals.

autumn in Amsterdam 9 canalsautumn in amsterdam 10 natasha de vil

Just testing the macro function on my camera in the Botanical gardens (that will be featured in the next photo diary)

autumn in amsterdam 13 red flowerautumn in amsterdam 12 orange flowerautumn in amsterdam 11 yellow flower

Autumn is in full swing!

Autumn in Amsterdam 2 red berriesautumn in amsterdam 15 treesautumn in amsterdam 16 sun through treesautumn in amsterdam 17 spider web

Eating gluten free in Amsterdam is pretty easy, I did a quick search before I went and hit up the places recommended. Pancakes! Amsterdam is tiny and cosy but worth it, the pancakes are delish. I had the Bacon, Banana and Chilli, not something I would normally think of putting together but I love trying new things, I’m still not a major chilli fan but I see Bacon and Banana sandwiches on the horizon! Other places worth visiting are Cottoncake which does gluten free and vegan food, it’s a clothing boutique with a little cafe upstairs and the customer service is great. George Bistro which serves the most amazing spit-roast chicken I have ever eaten, it literally melts in your mouth and Bagels and Beans which has gluten free and dairy free options and even royal jelly shots with your fruit juice options. However, I made the mistake of not eating before I got to the airport as we had to get up very early to catch out flight (which ended up being delayed), GF is not really an option once you pass security and there really isn’t that much choice unless you like sandwiches. I figured it would be fine as I had asked for a GF meal on the plane but they forgot, so I was a little hungry when we landed.

Autumn in Amsterdam 19 gluten free pancake

Standing at the bus stop and 7am waiting to go to the airport, only to be delayed because someone left the fog machine on in London but it was a lovely to just get away for a bit.

autumn in amsterdam 18 early morning