You Were Swell!

Yes you were and so was the parcel from You Were Swell which totally lived up to it’s name. You Were Swell is run by Sophie McMahan and I have had my eye on some of her comics for a while now. The only thing putting me off was the shipping but I emailed her told her what I wanted to buy and asked if she did combined shipping. Her response was not only quick but super friendly and to cut a long story short, it’s always good to ask because I got a combined shipping which saved me a fair whack of change.

Who doesn’t love DIY envelopes with Vampira and Swamp Thing stampage!
One of the things I love about independent sellers is the care and thought they put into their packages, hand written thank you notes are the best!
Totally loving these comics.
I bought this t-shirt not only for the vintage vibe but also as inspiration to stop wearing my hair the same and to achieve some serious hair goals.
This isn’t a product review more of a hey look what I bought post. I’ve come across so many cool artists in the last few years whose stuff I want to collect, especially zines and comics, plus support indy artists, adorn your walls with cool stuff and wear clothes that reflects your personality rather than the generic bullshit you get in high street and chain shops. Anyway, she has loads of other cool stuff in her shop that you should check out.