Radical Self Love

Welcome to Book Club, which will hopefully be a regular series on books I’ve read, liked and think are worth sharing, of course this only my opinion and if you’ve read the same book I would love to hear your opinions too. So on with today’s book!
When I quit my job last year I kind of inadvertently kicked start a ‘Me Revolution, by this I mean I realised that I had not been taking very good care of myself physically or mentally. I had not been putting myself first health wise, lifestyle wise and even though I had improved vastly from my younger days I still had a long way to go to get where I needed to be. Sometimes you need to be selfish for self preservation sake and to be honest taking care of yourself is not really selfish, it’s just common sense. I mean how can you be expected to care for others if you can’t care, love and respect yourself?

ย I discovered Gala Darling a year or so ago through The Blogacademy which I think came up as a recommended follow on twitter or was retweeted into my time line, anyway I had never heard of her before but I liked her blog, which she has been running for about ten years and you can tell. The content is on point, it’s engaging even on topics that don’t really interest me, it’s aesthetically pleasing on the eye and most importantly it’s friendly and fun.
I had read reviews that the book was largely based on previous RSL blog posts but I hadn’t really been reading the blog long enough for that to have an effect on my decision to buy the book, so in need of a boost to get myself out of my rut I bought the book. Rut you say? But you just quit your job and followed your dream to become self employed how can you be in a rut? Quite easily! When you quit your job with a half ass plan to follow your dreams it kind of helps to know what your dreams are and most importantly an actual plan and not a half ass plan! To be fair my decision to quit was to save my last shred of sanity and also to escape a career I was clearly never intended for but I guess half a plan is better than no plan!

I decided if I was going to follow my own path and realise my full potential I would need some guidance along the way. I have some great people in my life that build me up, my sister is one and my husband is the other, they never doubt me, they always encourage me, they are my own personal cheerleaders and I also have some great friends that are great cheerleaders as well, always reminding me. But in contrast I’ve also had (and still do) a lot of people who like to tear me down over through out my life and I won’t lie it has been seriously damaging to my confidence levels, in that I frequently question myself whether I will be able to pull this whole self employment thing off. My logical side says yes you can, I’m hard working (borderline workaholic), I’m capable of teaching myself to do anything, I’ve done the whole fresh start before, these things take time and the other part of me has been trained to believe that I can’t. When you lack confidence in one part of life it can spill over to other parts and sometimes you need a reminder that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself (disclaimer: anything within the realms of reality!)
The book is not very long, so it avoids the long winded approach some books takes and gets pretty much to the point of each subject and each chapter comes with a little homework section/activity to cement what has just been said. I’ve found some books like this in the past a little patronising or wishy washy but it’s not what you say,ย  it’s how you say it and Gala has the kind of attitude and style that I can connect with. The book is very informal in tone, almost like a friend having a frank and open chat with you which I quite liked, it will probably not to be everyone’s taste but it does have some very good points especially if like me you’re terrible at making good first impressions, or you need to get out of a style rut (I’m currently still in jeans and t-shirt mode whilst working at home) or you just want to have a little more self confidence.

I get the impression that this book might be aimed at a slightly younger audience than myself and some of the advice I had heard before but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything out of hearing it again, as I said sometimes it’s how it’s said and not what is said. I think if you’re looking for a fun and friendly approach to learning to love yourself and get over some confidence hurdles or just need a gentle kick up the butt, then anyone can benefit from this book.
This edition was self published and is no longer in print but that is because the book has now been picked up by a publisher and will be available again soon as a revised edition. In the meantime you can catch up on RSL posts on the Gala’s blog.

Disclaimer:ย  I was not asked to review this book and purchased it with my own funds.