What’s My Style Again?

The last year or so I’ve been really struggling with my style, I’ve been stuck in a style rut and not just my sartorial style but my blogging style, my work style just basically style in general. I look at established bloggers, artists, creatives etc and most generally have a distinct style that sets them apart from the rest, you can instantly recognise their work or want for a better word branding. Me on the other, if you were to ask me to define my style I would say a bit of this and a bit of that and you probably wouldn’t be able to pick out my stuff from the rest. My last blog was easy, it was a craft blog, I wrote about craft things. This blog I’m not even sure where I’m going at the moment, I get that it can take time to find your style or niche but I keep hitting a brick wall at the moment. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m trying to achieve too much at once? It’s probably why I haven’t been blogging much lately, it’s all just a bit random.
I know that style is ever evolving, or at least it should be, it maintains it’s roots but grows from there adding or taking away bits as you go along. In my old job I used to be known as the 50s girl, I had a distinct style of dressing, it was who I was back then, it still is a part of me but lately I’m feeling a more 70s vibe when it comes to vintage fashion, totally want a pair of 70s flared jeans right now! But if you were to ask me what my style is, I’d say 70s polyester dresses with killer collars and bold prints, thick tights and chunky shoes which is what I keep buying but in reality it’s jeans and a band t-shirt most days!!


Time to start wearing all these pretty dress I keep buying and making!
I wrote in What’s My Craft Again? Parts 1 and Part 2 about the direction I want to head in regards to work, this has not changed it’s just taking me a little longer to get their whilst I finish up some other stuff, though apart of me is just thinking you know what just move on to it now, your no stranger to fresh starts, in fact I whole hearted support change, do-overs, fresh starts and as many changes you need to make to get where you need to be so why I haven’t I? (I have no idea why I’m writing in the third person). I think my next step is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture or this case mess, and try and figure out what my style is, sartorial and otherwise. I know we are all ultimately made up of different styles and influences but sometimes I think there is such a thing as too many and it gets too much and I end up just having no idea what to wear, what to write about or what to make!


Maybe it’s time to take a more minimalist approach.
 So I’m going away for a week, I’m taking a notebook with me and I’m going to brainstorm whilst I’m away from my current environment!
I’ve already started making some style boards for my winter wardrobe from pages from my magazines, these have also given me a few ideas for my blog in regards to layouts and content. I need to work more on my ideas for work, I know what I want I just have to figure out how to make it happen.
One thing I know is that I have to streamline, spinning too many plates just gets too tiring and also gets you no where! So first up is social media, FB is just not working I think the days of FB pages are dead and I refuse to pay to let the people who do follow me see my posts! Folksy is probably going to go too, actually after the Christmas period if my sale or hit rate has not improved I’m going to be shutting it down, as the ratio of time spent trying to get people to look at my shop and actual page hits/sales is demoralising! It’s eating into a lot of my time and is getting me no where, not even slowly!! Which is shame because I quite like Folksy but business is business and I have bills to pay. I love Instagram and Twitter mainly because out of all them they are the most sociable for me except for the follow me spammers, so I’m going to work on that and maybe periscope once I get over my face is too awkward for camera phase! And definitely my blog as I like blogging and it keeps me writing which I also like. So I’m off to make lists of things I need to do, want, get rid of etc,  and maybe one of those spider-gram thingies as well.


My most popular Instagram post! The branding and styling of these magazines are all so different and very distinct, I need to take note of what they’re doing right?
 I’m probably repeating myself from previous posts but my theory is the more I remind myself to do it the more likely I am to keep at it.