Bottom of The Class

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of advice being flung around the internet on how to increase you traffic, promoting and selling your items, getting your blog numbers up etc etc? Feeling behind because you’re, not blogging, vlogging and vogueing all at the same time? Yeah, well you’re not alone.

I started blogging in late 2009, it was never a professional thing and they have been longed archived, it just an outlet for me to ramble on about stuff I like and things I made. It was hobby and it was like that for a lot of people and I found some awesome bloggers along the way and have stuck with many of them. In 2013 my blogging waned whilst I dealt with personal stuff and when I was finally ready to come back to the bloggersphere, the whole ball game had changed, just like it had with selling on line. Suddenly everything seemed so competitive, more and more people are trying to make money from their blogs,more and more people are selling on line and suddenly I felt like I’d missed the boat, if only I had stuck it out and not let personal stuff get in the way, I wouldn’t be so far behind in the race but it is what it is. Then there are the likes for likes, the follow for follows and the buying of followers and likes to make yourself seem popular. My new pet peeve is the random liker, they just like the most random of posts, yes I go and check them out and most of them are completely unrelated to the stuff they do, it’s almost like pulling someone’s pigtails and then running off. Most have a high follower counts but low like counts on their pictures, umm someone faking it much!!
Then there is the countless barrage of advice that sometimes make you feel like your underachieving in the land of the tinternet! Or completely behind. Most of the advice is good advice, a lot of it is regurgitated so you regularly end up reading the same thing but worded slightly different and if you follow that advice and then it doesn’t work for you, you kind of feel like you failed a little or you’re doing it wrong. And I get that in all irony that this blog has been probably been written all before and I’m just regurgitating what other people have written about!

Then you join forums and see some of the advice being given and I feel sorry for those asking for the advice, like when they say they’ve just opened up their shop and they are not getting any sales, and people answer oh don’t worry summer is slow, prepare for the Christmas rush but what if that Christmas rush never happens for them? How is that going to make them feel? The answer is pretty crappy and probably a bit peeved off that they were lied to.
There is some unwritten rule (actually I think is written because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it) that you have to make everything on the Internet look great, sales are great, figures are great, customers are beating down your door, people are fighting over to be featured on your blog but the thing is it’s not always like that. Yes you may have just launched a shop and it’s an instant success but can you keep up that momentum, will you still be in trend a few months down the line and those that have really successful shops have been building up their business/brand for years! Sometimes I like it when someone gives a dose of reality about how hard it is running a business or being a freelancer, obviously I’m not saying be a constant negative Nelly because that will drive people away but it’s okay to admit when things aren’t going great because you’ll probably find that things aren’t that great for everyone else either or you’ll at least find someone who’s been through it and can offer support or maybe not.

Also they’re are so many social media outlets, it can be confusing as to which one you should be using, one day it’s Instagram the next it’s periscope. Personally I think FB is not doing so great on the small business page front as they want you to pay to promote it, I’m getting a lot of your post is doing this well why don’t you boost your profile by basically paying us to actually let you’re followers see what you’re doing!! Twitter I still love basically because you get to meet and chat with people, I’ve made some good friends on their but I always live in anxious fear of offending someone when I answer a question to someone I haven’t really chatted to before.  Instagram, lets face it I’m never going be Lee Miller but I think it’s good promo tool for advertising what you’re doing. I like seeing pictures of what people are making/made/up to and I actually like food pics and cats pics, you know what pictures are good. Periscope I’m kind of toying with because unlike Youtube or other video sites, Periscope deletes after 24 hours so even it’s crap it’s not crap for long but I just need to get over my awkward self, suck it up and make a video without worrying what other people will think. Snapchat or in my case Snapwhat??? Youtube is still for watching music or funny cat videos not shopping haul videos, I do not care about what you bought in Primark!  Vine I love but still haven’t got round to making a six second video that doesn’t look like I accidentally turned on the video function without realising!
The key is to find something that is right for you and what you feel comfortable using. Businesses and profiles take ages to build and the little acorns approach is way better than the fast approach. Build a solid following, slowly and surely, yes you will lose people along the way but you will also gain people along the way and if you network properly you will find create a good supportive on line community with your followers and also some really nice friends along the way. Me I’m still finding my feet and leaning, no one is born running and no one stays at the top forever but I do believe that you can build a steady business if you try hard enough or at least give it your best shot and don’t forget to digitally switch off every now and again and give yourself a well earned break.

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Post publication add-on, totally forgot about Google + and Ello, see so many social media networks I can’t keep up!!!