Tomato, Rocket and Pine Nut Tart

So with the weather taking a rather dull turn the last couple of weeks, my garden has been a little less fruitful but I managed to pick enough tomatoes to make a a few salads and this tart. It’s another one of my experimentations, ie who uses a cookbook? This is also my first try and making an eggless pastry crust, it’s not quite vegan as I have a massive tub of stork baking margarine to use up which has buttermilk in but not enough to spark off my intolerances. Once this is margarine has been used up I’ll be switching to full on milk free as my eczema has now pretty much cleared up and my skin is looking way better.

My little harvest
ย So onto the tart, the base is a shortcrust pastry seasoned with salt and oregano. mix 225g of GF flour, 100g of dairy free margarine, plus enough to oil the flan case, pinch of salt and a tsp or dry oregano or herb of choice. I’m using a 9 inch flan dish for this recipe.

Blind bake the crust for 5-7 minutes, I found ten minutes a little too long and my crust came out a bit too crunchy.

Let cool slightly and add the rest of the ingredients, enough rocket (arugula) to cover the base, pine nuts that needed using up and lots of herbage to add some extra flavour.

Add tomatoes, at this point it’s optional whether you add cream or cheese, with the next round of toms I’m going to try making this with some vegan cheese. If using cream about 200 ml or enough to just cover the base. I added fresh rosemary from my garden to add a little extra flavour, along with a sprinkle of garlic salt and pepper.

Cook for a further 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees

Whilst waiting for it to bake, take pictures of your cat trying to redeem themselves through cute overload after eating your yoga block!

Once done, let cool for a while, can be eaten hot or cold.

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Most of my recipes will be dairy free and gluten free but can be easily substitute non GF and dairy alternatives.


225g of Gluten Free Flour
100g of dairy free margarine
Salt, garlic salt and pepper to season
Tsp herbs of choice
About 300g of tomatoes depending on size. I used yellow pear, pink charmers, tigerellas and glaciers but any tomato home grown or not will do.
200ml or soya cream
2 tbsp of pine nuts

Any questions about this recipe, which I totally made up as I went along, just ask me!