Photo Diary: August Catch Up!

So it’s September and back to school for most or in my case time to stop slacking and knuckle down. I’ve been neglecting my social media, if it was on my school report it must try harder!! So I’m setting myself some small social media challenges, like work on my Instagram and blog at least twice a week. I haven’t the nerve to use Periscope yet, I’m not comfortable speaking on camera, it’s probably the main reason why I’m not a award winning actress yet!!! I can just about handle the odd selfie, which is stupid because I need to take pictures of my stuff especially the clothes I make for myself. Anyway, it’s back to school for me in the sense that I have a lot more to learn about this stuff, though sometimes there are so many dos and don’ts flying around by ‘experts’ that sometimes it can be overwhelming about what is actually right and wrong, so I’m taking a ‘what feels right for me’ approach! After all if you can’t be yourself who can you be? So here are my August Instagram highlights.

Finally getting through the supplies and added a load of one of necklaces to my Folksy store. Once all the old supplies have gone, will be moving onto new projects and putting the bigger plan into action.
August has been terribly wet and very unsummer like but then there has been an awesome rainbow or two!
The newest member of our family who I adopted from my neighbour when she moved had a slightly more complicated operation to neuter to him because of Cryptorchidism. But Frank has made a full recovery and is back to his usual hyperactive self and annoying his big sister!
Due to the weather it’s been slim picking in the garden, the summer started off good and everything was doing well, then the rain came and the it didn’t do so well.
A few one off pieces I added to my Etsy store
This has been my most popular Instagram pic ever, by the way all these magazines are rad!
Raven is so damn Goth she’s already accessorizing for Halloween and is off to audition for Fields of The Nephlim!
I finished a dress! You can read about that here.
A tidy workspace is an unproductive workspace, or so I have convinced myself!
Annual birthday selfie, 38 years old!
Alternative birthday cake!
When friends find you the perfect birthday card!
Me rocking one of my flower crowns at the first London Below market.
Spent way over my budget but had to have this beautiful dolls head hair clip by Dollies Little Folies
It’s nearly September so time for pumpkin and pecan pie! Gluten and dairy free!

And that was some of my summer and if you want to see more of what I’m up to you can follow me here.