Almond and Cherry Pie

So I’ve never seen the Great British Bake Off but I do love cookery programmes and I do like cooking but being busy I’m usually lazy and opt for the simplest option. However, with a flare up in food intolerances again I’ve really have had to have a hard look at my diet and basically cut out dairy, instead of being wheat free, go totally gluten free and also cut back on processed sugar and food as much as possible. To be honest it’s not as bad you think, little tweaks here, little substitutions there it’s not that big a deal cutting out certain food groups. I know I once said you can prise the cheese from my dead cold hands!! But if means no more eczema flair ups, so be it.
I’ve always been a fan of cooking shows, my favourite used to be Ready, Steady, Cook, which came in handy at the end of month for culinary ides, when funds are low and you have a myriad of items to use up in your store cupboard. These days I like Bitchin Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, Diners, Drive In and Dives, well basically anything on the food network channel. I’m not a major fan of competitive cooking but being on social media you get to hear all about it (unless you hit the mute button) and recently thanks to my friend Penny Golightly and her empty the store cupboard challenge, I’ve been getting back into experimenting with my cooking again, mainly to use up random items I’ve found in the back of my store cupboard. Plus if I make it from scratch I know what’s going in it.
So last week I decided to make a cherry pie after finding a can of pie filling in the back of my cupboard. I actually went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and before you know I was digging out other items to see what I could make with it.
Now I used pre-made pastry, I can make my own GF pastry but to be honest, there was a spare pack in the freezer so once that defrosted and GF pastry can sometimes be a bit of pain.
I blind baked my pastry for ten minutes, as you can see I get creative because I don’t have fancy baking beans to stop my pastry from puffing up.
I then layered the bottom of the pie with ground almonds, added cherry pie filling on top, lattice topped the pie, brushed with soya milk and baked for 40 minutes. I tried making a video of this process but realised I have no idea how to edit it, off to google tutorials on this!

Serve with soya cream or with a cup of coffee as black as a midnight on a moonless night!

PS this is not quite dairy free as the pastry contains whey protein,