She’s A Carnival

‘I haven’t done my nails. 
I haven’t done my hair, 
But I’ve finished my dress,
So I do not care’
Photo 1
So further to my What I’ve Made post where I showcased a few of my previous makes, I started pushing forward with My Me Made Wardrobe project. It’s been a while since I made any clothes for myself, actually the last thing was for a wedding last year but I fully intended to make at least one outfit a month. This was supposed to be June’s outfit but I was thwarted by the heatwave and work and life and then I started to lose weight after finally figuring out what is setting off my food intolerances! So this maybe my only Me Made offering for a while until I hit a plateau, anyway this is my ‘She’s A Carnival’ Dress.
 photo 2
So having taken all my previous mistakes into consideration I spent ages lining this up before pinning and cutting it, I picked a pretty simple pattern as the material print is quite busy. Once I’d sewn the main body and skirt together I had to say I was pretty impressed with how well lined up I managed to get it.
photo 3

I finally got to use my new serger on this dress and now all my inside seams have a semi professional finish.

photo 5
 Apologies for the bra strap flash, as I said I’ve lost a bit of weight since I finished this and so it hangs a bit different now, it’s a bit loose round the waist and back which is fine on hot days or can be fixed with a belt but with my healthier eating and exercising as well I should probably get some wear out of this dress
photo 4
Due to only buying two metres I picked a simple pattern for this dress by combining two separate patterns and so it didn’t take too long to make this garment, the longest part was making sure the fabric pattern lined up before cutting them out.

Pattern – Top Simplicity 7072 and Skirt New Look 6457

Material – 16th Century Selfie in Tart by Tula Pink

Style – Modern

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title – She’s A carnival by Siouxsie and The Banshees