Shop Talk: Being Organised

It goes without saying that being organised helps enormously when it comes to basically anything. Yeah sure we can all wing it to some degree and spontaneity can be fun but when working on long term projects or running a business organisation is essentially the key. When I was in my last job I told myself that if I took the same discipline I used for this job and applied it to setting up my own business I should be fairly successfully. Obviously success doesn’t happen over night only for a chosen for but if you take the little acorns approach, acorns may take ages to grow into trees but oaks are mighty, solid trees at that.

However, when it comes to my personal life and projects I tend to take a haphazard stab in the dark approach to things, get distracted every easily and instead of writing ideas down just start the projects and promise myself to finish it later which results in anxiety attacks over how many projects I have to finish, which is why when I started this business I promised myself I would do this and enforced a very strict one in, one out system when it comes to projects. Of course there is a loophole in this that I’m allowed one personal project and one work project, it has been mostly successful in that it has resulted in finished items. Though when it comes to work it can be a little frustrating but it’s slowly working and things are finally falling into places and it’s been at least a month since I’ve had a craft room accident, decent storage people, decent storage system!

I spoke in my last shop talk post What’s My Craft Again Part 2 on where I decided on which direction I want to head with my work but I’m still finishing up ‘the clear old stock and old projects’ first because I’m determined to be a bit more organised. Sewing projects wise the stuff, I did a massive recycle of stuff I knew that was never going to get worn or used went and unsellable, a lot of my made dresses that had been made to small or big, half made items and scraps went to the textile recycling bank. Unusable stuff went in the bin, the rest is put aside for either making or recycling but material wise I’m no longer in the ‘I can use this at some point hoarder’ phase, sometimes you just have to be brutal and cull! Other supplies I’m still deciding whether to donate or sell, seeing as I’ve spent so much time sorting them out I’ll probably set up an Etsy store for destash items selling some of my vintage findings as well as sewing patterns, I guess every penny helps.

With the two shops I currently have I’ve also been organising. I’ve split the different types of stock into each shop. The folksy shop will be selling most of the jewellery and old stock, the Etsy shop has been cleared and more of a Goth theme and ready for the new stuff that I will begin working on shortly. I made the decision to split the stock as the themes/styles were clashing a bit and some of it seems more suited to Folksy. Anyway in short I’m being more organised in my work and my life and it’s working, don’t worry I’m not being totally stepford about I still have my spontaneous side and will occasionally wing it because sometimes  that is what works best. Anyway I’ve been reorganising my Folksy store and now I have a new camera (an early birthday present) I’ve been reshooting all my stock because it’s needs a bit of an update! Hopefully this year I will be ready for the Sept-Dec period, last year I was a little behind as I didn’t open my shop until the end of September!

Anyway until then I have some new limited edition one off gemstone and glass necklaces in the Folksy shop as I probably won;t be restocking jewellery supplies for a while whilst concentrating on other projects and continuing to use up my stashes.