The Savage Gardener: How Does Your Garden Grow!

So I had a whole post written about transplanting the seedlings I had and well that is now out of date as the garden is in full bloom. so to catch up, I lost some seedlings in the first round of repotting, mainly the tomatilloes because they had grown too leggy, the second round are doing well. Some of the cucumbers are not doing as well as they should and so back ups were planted just in case, they are hanging on by a thread but the second round are doing much better. During last weeks heatwave I lost a purple podded pea,  hokkaido squash lost all the fruit that had just begun to grow and a pink charmer is not looking so charming but the rest of the garden is doing really well. In a plant swap I got some bertolli beans which I planted with the sweetcorn and a two crookneck squashes which seem to be doing okay and some strawberry plants. I also bought a red gooseberry from Wilkos.

So the garden looked like this back in April.

It’s now looking like this!

And here are few shots off Instagram

2 thoughts on “The Savage Gardener: How Does Your Garden Grow!

  1. That's an impressive display. I noticed I had some small fruit on my tomato plant this week – I'm now eager to see them grow and ripen. The only other significant things I'm growing, though, are coriander and Thai basil; you're much more industrious.


  2. Well, it was doing okay but I've suddenly lost three tomato plants and the dull, rainy weather hasn't been helping much, I'm hoping the sunshine will come back soon to help the rest of the fruit finish growing!


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