My Work Space

Over the years my work space has usually been at a desk in my bedroom or living room. When I moved in with The Goth a few years ago, I got a room to store all my supplies and to work in. It was tiny but it meant that my craft stuff was no longer cluttering everywhere else! In the new flat we’re renting I also have a studio/craft room, it is slightly bigger that the last one but until recently it was still cluttered and badly organised. After receiving even more stuff from someone having a clear out, I was losing track of what I had supply wise and also suffered several craftalanches and needed to take the situation in hand, so I ordered some storage from Ikea and everything is so much better!
I can see and grab supplies as to when I need them. (shelving from Ikea)
My material is all nicely organised for personal projects (wicker shelving from a charity shop)
I’ve also been decorating the walls with some pictures and inspirational stuff.
My stock is stored to keep it clean and ready at hand to ship. (plastic storage from Wilkos)
My art supplies are finally out of their box. I promised myself I would start painting again this year, it’s been a while but it is something I miss. I’m not particularly good not that it matters.
And I now actually have floor space and am not tripping over stuff or accidentally giving myself acupuncture from stray needles on the floor. I would take a picture of my desk but it’s never tidy!!!

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